Why is ETH doing so bad the last couple days?

Why is ETH doing so bad the last couple days?

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ICOs (funded in ETH) dumping their holdings and running for the hills.

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Your right OP. The whole market is up but ETH. Oh wait no. Youre a faggot. The whole market is in the shitter.

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To be fair ETH is doing a lot worse than BTC

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If you read the whitepaper you would know that ETH was never meant to be over $1.

Probably because ETH was massively increasing it's market dominance and a correction was needed

just wait when ICOs starts shitting their pants
this ship will sink to $50 minimum

Been waiting a solid half a minute on that "gif" you bastard.

>If you read the whitepaper you would know that ETH was never meant to be over $1.

......Yeah, that's just bullshit. Eth is whatever price the market will pay. The whitepaper never specified it MUST be $1 or something.

This is just shitty, fake ICO's going away - which is a fucking good thing. Real projects get to run at a decent fucking rate.

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Killing ETH is the only way to STOP (ECR 20)ICO's from scamming people.. there a fuck ton of useless ICO coming up everyday

Even when BTC is moving sideways ETH bleeds. This is looking pretty bad.



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Maybe you missed the fact that Eth is over $1? Where does it say in the whitepaper that it MUST be $1 and no more than $1? Quote it faggot.

Greety idiots will always get scammed - with or without eth. You can create an ICO on bitcoin as well, Ethereum is just technologically superior so it only made it much easier.

You fucking IDOT! Ether is going to be the BIG DOG in town. TOAST OF THE TOWN.

Because bitcoin just drags the whole market with it

Because smart investors are realizing that stratis will provide the same functions but on the bitcoin network, far more secure than ethereum, flippening in progress

Because it wasn't supposed to get good in the first place.


As the king of shitcoins, it gets dumped by all the worthless ERC-20 makers who grab people's ETH in return.

blaming BTC for the market correction
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>last couple days
It's been shitting the bed for the last two months.

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You don't understand Ethereum.



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I hope so. My strat bags are heavy.

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Any idea if this will hit 900 again? I bought the dip but now I'm worried.

I actually have a 1000 euro ready to buy some ETH. I'm tempted to do it now as it seems it recovered a bit from the lowest point and stabilizied. But I'm still monitoring it.

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Because it's a shitcoin whose only real world usage is to fund icos who in turn dump their ethereum on the market for fiat so they can pay their developers.

no clue why but i just put some in 2xmachine.surge.sh/

hope it doubles

that kinda proves that it works


Sure, not much of an investment tho.

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