What's the best country to do Veeky Forums in?

>low taxes
>favorable business laws
>solid government
>high quality of life
>low cost of living

does such a place exist?

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>tfw no upscale apartment to hole up with hot blonde girlfriend and spend the days shooting load after load into her fertile womb

Poland, Portugal, Venezuehuehuehuela.

Srsly though, Carribean islands

that's the dream user
just one more year and we're both done with uni and getting tf out of the US

>Srsly though, Carribean islands

Hurricanes though

>an issue

maybe if you live in a fucking shanty
the real problem is niggers

Maderia, its in spain or some shit

she's already bowlegged for a reason


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what are the taxes like? How much hotter is it than florida? Can I live there without spanish? I speak fluent English, Irish, Afrikaans and nearly fluent in French and my girlfriend is a native german speaker so I don't think any of those will help down there

>highest iq in the world, avg 136
>2nd safest city in the world behind japan
>2nd cleanest, behind Tokyo
>0% capital gains tax for citizens, 10% for foreigners
>0 niggers

chu waitin for, biz?

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Literally the highest cost of living in the world.

>0 niggers
I'M SOLD. but how do they take to whites?

Get thrown in jail for chewing gum.

There's only tax on locally sourced income, so if you earn money abroad there's no tax on it.

It's hot all year round, 28-32 degrees during the day. However, unlike Florida and the Caribbean, hurricanes don't reach Panama.

You would be able to survive without Spanish since the city is geared towards tourism. However, if you live there and frequent local-oriented places, few or no people will understand English.

Monaco and Andorra.

Come to Kaunas, Lithuania. 98.6% whites. Center of Europe. 25% total tax.

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worst f1 track ever since valencia

>center of Europe
Fucking lmao you Eastern faggot.

Do you read nigger? Cost of living in either of those places is probably (guaranteed) fucking retarded

Check out the cost of living on numbeo. According to the United Nations, Northern European countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The only thing I don’t like about Panama is the people. They’re quite lazy and unintelligent. And there’s a large portion of the population that’s descended from workers of the canal, mainly uneducated West Indians.

Malaysia might be a better option, English is a lot more common there and they have decent tax laws.

and so is every 1st world country ever. Personal income tax is only 15% btw
immigration dept favours whites and east asians
Place is utterly spotless, no fat kwas chewing gum in your ear on the metro. choose one
its a night race duh

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Too hot and humid every fucking day.

nz here, no capital gains tax. and no niggers

air conditioning all over the place

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Check out colombia.

Malaysia has no capital gains tax, but they have lots of Muslims and give special privileges to native Malays. However, if you're so wealthy capital gains tax is a concern, those benefits aren't particularly relevant in the first place.

It’s actually where I’m moving next. Medellin is an awesome city with perfect weather all year round. The girls there are gorgeous too. The tax situation in Colombia is kind of annoying but I’m planning to have my assets in Panama/crypto so I’m not planning on declaring a lot.

Narcos lmao

Stop please I don't wanna see more gringos in El lleras

south America hands down boys. best women miss universe Adriana lima cheap everything best weather USD (Ecuador) lowest crime rate Bolivia, best food Peru

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Netherlands, 1% tax on crypto, costs are pretty low, and weed and hookers.

i don't like tom bradys wife but that part of the world is a real oasis. food is cheap not kidding $2

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0 niggers in Singapore? SOLD!

I only like white women though... Fuck.

i'm from this shithole and i'm killing myself soon because i can't leave.

USA. Effective corporate tax will be 10% with new laws and low cost of living if you don't fall for memes. Living for 900 a month in central Illinois, last year, on a 72k salary. Business owners have it even better, they can write off certain living expenses as business expenses.

seriously south America has it with women that cant be argued. say what you want statistically the angels are in that part of the world

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ok more for me

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you have no idea how much worse it gets when you have money but life is miserable. when leaving south america you must ask yourself . do you want to give up a boring life for one full of endless possibilities (usa) but slim chances youll actually make it big . why leave ? stay and be happy your country is not hooked on sleeping medication or opiods......shit countries still have morals and dignity.....if you are gay or homo they have programs that will make you straight......homo or gay is frowned upon yea not for everyone, sorry i prefer my child doesnt stand next to two grown men kissing each other. thats just me

and women generally look like her ?

from chile to Paraguay ....again i say petro coin and banana coin will prevail

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