I'm 24 and I have $20k in my bank account

I'm 24 and I have $20k in my bank account.

Am I pathetic?

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you are browsing Veeky Forums so....

>begging for validation

Assuming you've gone though college and aren't in debt you're doing better than most

I'm 25 with $300k in mine, but $4m in btc. Am I gonna make it?

I'm 25 with $30k and might have to dip into it soon.

You're alright.

Yes but not because of that

Yes, unless you're planning to make a big purchase within the next month or you owe that much in taxes, there's no reason to keep so much money in a bank account where it's earning shit interest if any. Put 15k of it back into an index fund or something, jesus.

user I have $3.94. You’re doing alright.

i'm 30 with $1000 in the bank, no job, five or low six figs in crypto last time i checked but im afraid to check

:( hold me bros

2.5k in my account, aboubt 8k in debt.

I'm 22 and I have $90k in various invesments.

Kill urself my man

this but unironically

you're literally doing better than 99% of americans but the fact that you don't realize that means you should just an shuaiby and get it over with

main thing at any age is the amount of debt you have. If zero, then you can never be too bad off.

Yeah if you still live at home

having no degree or work history at a late age is pretty shitty though, I'd rather have debt, at leastyou can simply pay off debt

can't pay off a lack of work history

Pretty sure average for 28-year-olds is 2k in savings. Just do you.


>Pretty sure average for 28-year-olds is 2k in savings.
Neat. I'm killing it at 27 then with $25k to my name

No that's pretty decent start. Open a brokerage account, invest. Keep getting increasingly better jobs. Find ways to minimize your expenses. Min max.