With all this FUD talk I think we've all forgotten what color we were getting our Lambos...

With all this FUD talk I think we've all forgotten what color we were getting our Lambos. Personally I'm going with orange, what color are you gonna get your lambo in?

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orange is disgusting

A subtle gold coating.

How about blue user? Either getting orange/copper or blue when REQ inevitably hit $50.

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At this point my Lambo is getting back to my initial investment, and my yacht is getting back to my ATH

Unless crypto goes 10x in the next month or two this is the only lambo I'm getting.

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definitely white to match my bitch

Black and gold, the true baller's option. Fitting, since iExec will get me there.

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I don't want a car. Why would I need to drive?

No lambo here, but I'll get my Caterham in white/orange.

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Considered one but they seem shit for public roads

Fellow yachtbro, what are you planning to pick up?

I'm dreaming of a Waszp, but if foils are too hard I'll get an RS Aero.

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Which is why I rather get a Lotus

You're going to die of a terminal illness before June?

Literally the same shit senpai, Caterham is just one brand of Lotus replicas.

Unless you mean a modern Lotus like an Elise or something.

silver, no stripe

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no lambo for me

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i wont even spend my lambo money, ill just hoarde it up and still be a thrifty piece of shit

Plain black with a burgundy interior

Not ineterested in nigger cars, sorry.

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chainlink blue of course


I dont need that fossil eating slow shit

>posh gayman