I got jury duty in 6 hours... FUCK

I gotta go to jury duty soon how the fuck do i tell them i cant keep going to these cause im losing money. they pay me FORTY FUCKING DOLLARS for 5 hours of jury duty im trying to trade crypto instead how do i make them understand that

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>crypto fag gets a taste of responsibility

>not just telling them you're a racist and then getting excused.

You have no one to blame but yourself.

Just get up in the middle of it and say NIGGER really loudly.

>he registered to vote
>he's complaining about a waste of time
Do you see it?

Don't they usually ask you if you can be impartial during the voir dire process? As soon as the judge asked us, I raised my hand. Hey, it's true, so I wasn't committing perjury.

during selection you simply let it be known you recognize a name of a witness and/or you are deeply opposed to whatever the crime is

They'll ask why and if you don't have s good answer they won't believe you.

But yeah it would probably be pretty easy to not get picked as a juror but you're not going to get out of going the first day

Tell them that your inherent white privilege excludes you from making a truly impartial decision

Some states just do it based on if you have a drivers license, like my shitty state.

Maybe it varies. The judge just asked the ten of us if we can be impartial, and those of us who raised our hands, he said that we were excused. It's probably because there was still a huge pool of prospective jurors to select from; I was among the first ten called up.


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You should have threatened to nullify.

Too late now, you can't talk about nullification in court.

tell them you know the guy/company and hate him/it

Just act as autistically as possible and either the prosecution or defense will refuse to pick you; you'll go home at the end of the day.

The easiest way to get out of jury duty is to say that you don't believe in judging people because only [insert name of deity here] can judge people

If you're not smart enough to get out of something as simple as jury duty... you shouldn't be trading crypto anyway.

If you don't show up nothing will happen to you.

Isn't jury duty just free money? I went and we literally just sat around in a big room for 3 hours and played with our phones. Can't you trade on your smartphone?

>Do you have anything we should know?
>I hate niggers
Easy get out of jury duty free card.

The jury system is scary af. Intelligent important people get out of it leaving a bunch of brainlets to decide a persons fate. Also they let women serve on juries which is a giant red flag.


tell them aliens are real and have taken over judicial system

Don't be blate about it. Just simply ask if the judge/defendant in the case is Jewish.

Just explain it to the judge. He'll cancel your jury duty for you.

Start a rant about sminem, the bogz and NWO

Convince them that you're legally retarded. Like...tell them about your Chainlink holding.

what a cold day bro, it's time to do important thing today, I've waste so much time, i'm will start reading about skywire

Should've gone for jury nullification

Basically claim that you don't believe in the law being always right, and you will judge them based on your own beliefs. Or do as said and claim that human laws have no weight to you and quote a specific religion's bible repeatedly as the only standard you will base your decisions on.


I answered their jury summons letter telling them I was a NEET without a drivers license, they let me go. Fucking relief.

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