Well I've x8 my investment on the smart exchange everyone makes fun of on here. No one sells and the only hands are strong non pajeets.

Think you will give it a shot now?


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Kys pajeet

Stop spamming Veeky Forums with this fucking ponzi you nigger tier faggot.

lol crag grant and trvon are pumping this lol

In the past 24 hours it has gone up $100,000 you poor faggots

Saged and reported for illegal activity. Gargle my nuts.

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t. Trevon James


Look at the smart contract you autistic fuck, this thing is hitting a million in a week

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Say hello to Trevon in the clink for me.

so funny no1 can cash out to btc or eth lol

I don't get this meme, I'm just here to make money

they can only cash out to Bitconnect coins only

what the fuck does that even mean?

making money in so many ways....tums up I need the tums up...lend it till ya lose it hah haha haha....stake it till ya break it

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$7,000 has been invested in this project since I've posted

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I honestly hope people will start selling soon so i get more time to accumulate through divs.

only a poor retard would say something like that, the crypto total market cap is so low that people are excited to make a killing off these non chink projects starting off this early

shut up shut up shut up i want 2k tokens

it will never go down, thats what how the smart contact works

ehehehe, someone sent them 2 BOG

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you must be new

If I post in this thread am I guaranteed a u from op?

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it is, powh fembois are super cute

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far from it

just bought .3 eth worth.

why not.

The absolute state of samefagging pajeets.

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im 2x from just 4 days now, and the dividends keep coming,
this is the most comfiest hold as fuck, literally over 100 eth buys every fucking day! last day was like 300+ eth volume,
oh and every pajeet that sells i keep getting dividends.

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there is literally nothing wrong with fucking cute boys benis if you really love him