What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?


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people on drugs are so cringy

wow i really hate this kid


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The worst faggot on youtube

this gook is the cringiest soyboy on planet earth

the most coked out fuckhead in the entire twitter TAfag circlejerk. Dude does so much blow.

yall are so mad because you lost money while I made money shorting and longing :)

hey there tranny face

get mental help

Nah I love Phil. His positives far outweighs the bad. His personality is nothing like my friends or people I would hang out with, but I enjoy his attitude regardless.

OP don't even post Phil here. He is easily triggered and I don't want edgy Veeky Forums kids trolling him because it can possibly affect his desire to pump out consistent content.

his meme lines are useless though.

muh Elliot waves

Constantly wrong then saying he is right in an Update.

Dude had been on point since I have been following him. Of course exterior circumstances can invalidate his TA occasionally, but it's always been a game of averages.

He was the one who got me looking into elliot wave, despite a lot of people on twitter shit talking it. My trading has been more profitable since.

I think he's making enemies by accurately, and publicly making calls. If everyone knows what BTC is going to do, then there are less longs/shorts to liquidate, and no morons to fuel the FOMO.

I'd never want to hang out with him, a 33 year-old who acts and behaves like he's 14.

However, his earlier videos had many good lessons, tips and advice. Helped me a lot in getting the hang of fibonacci.

Likewise, a few of his earlier Elliot waves videos are pretty good to teach the basics. However he never gets into more advanced or complicated stuff.

I've noticed his content is becoming progressively worse and less useful as his ego seems to be growing bigger and bigger. He was always an annoying fuck but the main reason I stopped watching his videos is that I can't tolerate him anymore.

This kid is so mentally unstable, but he makes me money so I'll bear with it.

the fucking rebbit spacing, fuck off back to rebbit phil shills. Did he pay you to shill here or what

HE IS 33¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿U FUCKING WAT M8???


>complaining about reddit spacing

No clearer sign of a reddittor trying to fit in. Idgaf, long posts with paragraph spacing are easier to read.

And how the fuck could I be shilling when I pretty much said I can't stand the guy and his content is getting worse? However I'll admit that some of his content, especially older content, is good.

And for fucks sake just chill m8, were your shorts liquidated earlier in the pump or something?

Avoid anyone charting altcoins against USD.

He means he is a repressed homosexual

I was really surprised too.
Not just because of the way he looks, but also how he acts... pretty sad.
But you can never tell with gooks based on appearance alone. Just look at Hideo Kojima for example, dude is what, over 60 years old I think, and looks like he's in his 30s

Reminder, he's not looking out for you.

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Seems like a nice but then you hear about this

two days ago it was so sunny and i had the pleasure to take a long walk and to see the hidden gems hidden by the ugly blocks, and now because is cold i can stay at home and read about skycoin !

this zipper has a split personality but i do believe he suffers the bugmen problem - has no real soul but cognitive dissonance tries to rip off left and right while begging for money

at the same time he's trying to be helpful and makes good predictions (elliot waves though are utter memes - no shitting ... this nutter even addmitted it himself as he was drugged and live streaming)

can you point me to some resource for the more advanced stuff?

trying to learn better TA

How can anyone shit on this guy? Shares valuable knowledge for free.

>His positives


behold the power of TA

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Something here may be cool as well.