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You were supposed to sell immediately after ICO!

Did you not dump with the rest of the whales?

If you were not a whale buying the 40% presale, then what business did you have buying?

Axpire was my whale experience. Bought 100k on presale for 5 eth and immediately dumped for 20 eth

Made a lot of money dumping this one directly. good times man, good times

You actually didn't sell?


I unironically believe in this project. I think it could be to asset management what Ripple is to banking. Keep holding OP, you might be pleasantly surprised in a year or two.

Better said, *spend management

Just no haha, it was always a Quick pnd.
the entire dev team is literally outsourced pajeets

How could you lose money on this faggot? Just like ARY I sold at profit.

It would have been impossible to make money without getting in on the presale mate.

Kek I predicted 4 cents eoy, guess I was to positive

>bought into this and block array
>held my bags for too long

fuck sake

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maybe crypto really should be deleted

what was ico price? like 10 cents?


The fucker spends 25 bucks of his hard working granddad on aXpire

The madman

that's 85 cents EOY

So i bought 2000 at ICO. What do now? Take the loss or hold in the hopes of a bull run in a few years or so?

I got 54K. The project itself is good. I'll hold till it hits 1$

But... It's not a good project. They still can't explain how the token will work or why it's needed.

Even more they actually don't use the token in the first version of the software. As an 'investor' your total dependable if they will develop to a tokenise system. Also the fact that they mention machine learning and AI as an integrated part of their software is deluded.

They've explained it countless times, just join the Telegram and ask. The admins are legit helpful and informative


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that's just marketing and blockchain jibberish slammed together.
How does the token economics work? Are there nodes?

Still waiting

There are no nodes, it's an ETH token. They won't tell how the value of the token will go up as they don't want to classify it as a security but it's pretty obvious - Clients will need AXP in order to use the system. Billions worth hedge funds will need 100s of Ks of tokens. They'll either buy it via Resolvr or on the market which in turn will increase the price

It will be a long wait, every time this is brought up the comment is the same marketing bs, you can see this in their telegram, whitepaper and reddit sub.

It’s becauee there is zero use for the token.

Why will clients by AXP to use a "spend management" system when the thing they need to spend on it is so volatile?

instead of wasting you time with a hoax, you should concentrate your attention on a more professional team and work, i like what the skywire team did with they blockchain,but don't believe me, just read about it , you'll see

Why would clients change from an existing model where they have full access to the product to a model that requires them to now purchase a volatile token?

Ah wait, how else would they try to justify having an ICO without slapping on a nonsense token model onto an existing product.

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