Hidden Gems

Someone please share your senpai master intellect and tell me what coin or coins I should be mining with 13 gtx1070's.

inb4 nobody is going to tell you their hidden gems

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Zcash, eth. You can go for shitcoins. I did pirl for a little with massive returns. Sitting on zcash

ya thats what I am thinking. nicehash isnt doing me so good lately. the payouts were great a month ago but not so much anymnore. i wouldnt mind finding a shitcoin with some potential and taking a chance but ya ill probly park it on zcash. is zcash price finding a bottom?


pajeet much?


biz is not ready to hear about ufr again... just wait for the alpha to come

thank me in 2 days

you pajeets dont even know if the coin your shilling is mineable or not. fuck outta here, real senpais only, no factory working pajeets


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i think the gtx1070's do best on equihash and neoscrypt algo's. are you mining trtl? or just shilling as well?



Zcash is just very profitable to mine for some fucking reason regardless of the price. I don’t think anybody actually uses it, kek

I am mining TRTL with 5x1070

My plan is to mine and keep it in a wallet until a mainstream exchange will adopt it.
It is a very legit project and it's not even on coinmarketcap yet.

You could also mine BTCP, that’s pretty profitable atm and good with GPUs. The price pretty much bottomed out so you can expect good returns when a new exchange lists it

>very legit project
>whales have billions ready to dump on anyone who dares to buy
>its been 4 months now and its still not on cmc and will never be

what a shit coin, even has a shill kit on their webpage.

Use it.

hmm, this one might be worth looking into, thank you user. i see it is already on most exchanges, is there any reason for this coin to see some gains?

shiit man, i hate to say it, because i held zclassic through the fork, but this no exchange fuck around is pissing me off. i think the kucoin price was a glimpse into what we could have had, but the dirt merchant exchange support and no exchange support for the fork was pathetic. iv lost faith in this project unfortunately

im not a goat fucking desert dwelling street shitting curry eating camel kisser, no thanks

Stay poor.

I’m putting together a rig and plan to mine Komodo or Ubiq. Will mine AE once main net is up

honestly think banyan network is a solid project.

do you recommend any good pools?

i dont know much about any of those coins, and whattomine says theyre pretty low profit for me. im thinking zcash for my rigs but is there any reason in particular you are thinking komodo or ubiq?

honestly think banyan network is a solid project.

found the bot

IntenseCoin is profitable

just hold BTC, we're starting on wave 3

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lol, just accedentaly posted twice you fuck

here's a shill

poolerex.com vs pooltrade.io

which one?

lol thats what im talking about.

can you even mine that chinkshit?

tough call, seems like an interesting idea though

so many opinions and so many "experts" on this internet... it's just a waste of time trying to hear them all .. just read about skywire you will see the true future