So whoever can't afford X node, what's the plan? Sell before 20 or hodl?

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The price will go up since big amount will be locked up and no one will be to sell

The price will dump

Screenshot this.

Im really unsure what wpuld happen it can go both ways what do?

sell and buy back with a 20% loss

2k vet here price probly dump but I don't really care, bought at$1 holding at least till after main net and gonna re evaluate from there but probly hold these for year or so

Price will drop. There is nothing planned till June so no reason to pump. The best case scenario ir goes sideways

ive decided to say fuck it and just hold
too risky
mainnet is 3 fucking months away
gonna sell every announcement ven releases until then to accumulate more and upgrade node after final mainnet sell the news

price probably will drop. No incentive to buy, volume is already very low, and will decrease with everyone moving their coins out to wallets to hold
feels bad man, currently below my avg price but I should probably sell

Everyone saying Vechain will drop=it will rise.

How can the price dump if no one is willing to sell?

yeah thats not how it works

what? you only need 6k to lock in an xnode and are free to upgrade anytime, people most likely will sell off the rest of their funds while bitcoin is shitting itsself

Easy: sell now and rebuy later

Why would you hold this shitcoin, devs dump 30mil coins, hyped BMW partnership that turned out they be complete vapor.

See bottom two lines on pic and tell me Sunny didnt scam us with this "partnership"

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He never said they are partnered... Just said they are working with them.

Love the FUD you brainet. Go buy more link

>People taking their coins out of the market will cause prices to drop.

user ... please ...

Are you telling us companies should not test products before purchasing them? Fuck, i had no idea..time to sell all my ven

So why did he hype an internship with BMW, they have no plans to use Ven, its all "maybe" "if" "analyze" "evaluate", I could literally get this "partnership" myself i applied. Also dumped my bags when Sunny said he is inside trading, if you believe he is only buying you deserve to get dumped on.

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I thought they have a working product backed by PWC, so they need to evaluate and analyze if they will use VEN? Then why the fuck would Sunny mention them at all, if not to just pump price.

No need to screenshot the obvous

I have 10K VeChain and the ability to buy another 6K for the X if I sell some other coins. If I did then VeChain would be 50% of my portfolio. Should I do it? I don’t want to miss the golden bull run for my other alts but what if that never comes? What would you do biz?

Just lock up 6k for an x node and if you wanna put 10k more to upgrade you can at any time

>There is nothing planned till June
Look at this fucking guy right here. Please tell me, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW that they are not going to announce new partnerships, exchanges or some other shit ? Are you Sunny Lu ? If not then shut the fuck up

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youre right
price will drop though but will bounce back up

>selling the enterprise blockchain project with more industry connections and pilot programs and adoption than any other crypto in history.


They need to do more signing ceremonies or they will lose face with Asian investors screencap this

Yeah, no thats Waltonchain.

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ahhh and there we go, all posts of yours are now discredited
no one can take waltons seriously

Sure kiddo.

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i see some interesting thing here, i also had a good read about skywire today, they did a nice thing with their skycoin, i think i'll buy some today

What a fucking currynigger.

Fuck off you disgusting shitskin.

Sell the news.

Is that screenshot supposed to be bad news?

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Read the screenshot. He mentioned them because BMW invested/became customers of Ven and are conducting R&D with them to use for their product. Aka they want a dapp for tracking vehicle stats. A tech partnership does not mean that said partner will say "sweet love it" and put said tech in their products before the next model rolls out, it almost always involves some level of R&D and a lot of testing to make sure the money they don't have to conduct costly recalls and repairs.

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I don't think anyone can say what's going to happen. I think most people are expecting a dump on the 20th because that's just become par for the course when a coin has a big development that first launches. On the other hand, I'm sure a lot of people are going to be going in on at least the base level of an X node, which is going to remove a lot of coins from the market. It makes sense that fewer coins floating around out there means that the price will pump.

So, as usual, no one truly knows, OP. It'll probably be a short term dip followed by a pump. I definitely would not sell now. If anything, buy the dip on the 20th and sell the immediate pump that follows

or sell now, then buy in lower, and sell again when it pumps

HEXX Xnode?

>a fucking startup competition
>working with

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You don't think anyone who wants the x-node has it locked in already? I mean, if you're not verified on Binance and want to withdraw 6k to MEW you won't even be able to before the deadline at this point because of withdraw restrictions.

Guessing it will drop a bit. But very unsure. I'm more afraid of losing VEN than holding bags of this one.

I've been through several forks and other sorts of events like this in the past, and I can tell you that there are always people moving coins around up until the 0 hour. Many end up being too late because they waited until the last minute, and some actually make it just in time.

So yes, I do think there are people out there who want in on the node and have not yet locked in their amounts

This is called marrying a coin.....have fun with your bags.

My friend who isnt holding ven for life is securing an x node for me atm in a wallet. I sold my ven and hope to buy back after 20th maybe in april at a floor.
Hope it works bros

You cant be this braindead

Ok and? Partnerships will pump it for 20% then drop back to where it started, exchanges and other shit might give it another 10-20% which after that it then again drops where it started.

3 months in Crypto is a lifetime. VEN will continue to go down in price with occasional ups in between.

Aunny will anounce Y nodes where younare forced to hold some
Coins in a wallet for more bonus thor.

Dirty chink scams use these tactics so he can dump his bags at a high price on you all

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I had 15.4k when the announcement came out so sold off some LINK to bump up to 16k.

Should sold all above 6k at 47k sats. U could get a bigger hold when it bottoms again

Maybe, but I made some decent gains in VEN and don't want to realise them for tax purposes desu.

It's a programme, not a competition. They are one of the selected startups for BMW who is conducting R&D to create a functional prototype based on their product.
Can you not take 60 seconds to read the screenshot?

Nigga fuck tax. Till you cash out they have no idea what trades you made and the current system cannot handle calculating it anyway with daily changes in rates of btc and alts along with the currency you measure it against. If you simply cash out to euros and then convert to usd that will make it so expensive for anyone to calculate and difficult alone that they wont. There will be new simple tax legislation for crypto by the time u cash out.

Even today all u need to do is convert it to monero and bam done.

I'm an ausfag and our crypto tax treatment is fairly clear. I wouldn't be bothered if it was small amounts, but assuming we get at least back to ATH by the end of the year I'm planning on cashing out a big sum to buy property and need everything to be above board in case they audit me.

There will be a nice pump until tonight at 11pm CST when the snapshot is taken. Anons, quit getting married to coins and start thinking objectively and letting coins work for you instead of the other way around. Buy in now for the pump and sell right before, this is just how you make money in crypto.

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I was in similar situation-- just bought up to 16K . I'm essentially 60% in Vechain right now -- if it fails, I'm REKT

If you move any VEN out of MEW and go under the x node number you lose it for life. There is continuous snapshots to make sure you hold

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honestly I've been shilling VeChain for weeks and have 46k VEN myself, but I was too lazy to withdraw from binance. Now I won't get an X node lol

Get to 50k. Gets more thor than a 46k strength x

I have 1k VET
im going to stake and ride VET up as it become more valuable.
I'll never be able to afford 10k but i can make some side cash and be invested in a coin I know has huge potential.

FUCK FUCK FUCK. I forgot I have 2 btc withdrawal limit on binance and now I can't lock up my nodes in time. Oh god, why did it take me so long to think

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yeah but supposedly X nodes will have hidden benefits like ICO access and stuff

lol. Apparently it only takes 2 hours to verify right now. But then they will have my passport and I won't be able to evade taxes should I need to. Still waiting on my report back from CPA

What's the point of staking them now if its only a snapshot for nodes with 6k or more? Are you retarded?

I went from 12 to 16k on the x announcement.

they arent in a wallet ding dong
I jsut have 1k that i plan on staking once mainnet releases next quarter

>yeah but supposedly X nodes will have hidden benefits like ICO access and stuff
Yeah we'll be whitelisted for ICOs like bitocean, that's going to be a comfy one.

whats going on the 20th?, tommorow?

move as much as you can out and get a smaller x node at least my guy. dont shoot yourself in the face when you can shoot yourself in the foot

if I had 6k VEN I would have done the same thing as you, leaving it to the last minute

damn I bought at $7 and have been daytrading to increase my stack by 50% but its still worth the same

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>All future VeChain Foundation officially-backed New Token Issuances will be required to take at least 50% of tokens raised in the form of VET;
bitocean ICO would have to take at least 50% in VEN.
>Project teams will use raised tokens other than VET first for development and operation expenses, and will use VETs last as VeThor is necessary for their operations;
>If not needed by the foundation for unforeseen critical development purposes, a significant amount of the project’s entity/foundation controlled VET coins will mandated to be locked for 2 years.
also early whitelists and discounts depending on the xnode's tier. Holy shit, it's a pump machine now.

at least you increased your stack I just held like a retard