Bulls in Traprade

We are in a bear market, idiots. This is a bulltrap. obv

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then why don't i feel comfortable opening a short? oh yeah its because of pic related.

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you mean you're a retard

keep telling yourself that champ

t. increasingly nervous bottom seller

The 300 day SMA that saved us last time at 6k will save us again at 7k.

Yes no shit its a bull-trap you fucking genius.
Last bull trap went to 9.8k though, and now we finally have good news to run with.

Don't go thinking we're going to drop straight back down you cuck.

Death cross coming for those bulls... See you at 3k

40k eoy buy now


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How are those short doing?

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get your pre school drawings out of here

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ew why is the water yellow

80k now

> we will never be under 8150 ever again

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>he bought?
>dump it

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These idiots think a mini-bull run for a month is a "trap" though. A weak rally inside an overall bear market is still a fucking trend to trade - seriously, the state of Veeky Forums

Target is 4K desu.

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Yeah mate 4K target is never Gona be hit
Nor is 5k
Or 6k
Unironically we aren't falling below 7700 ever again
HAAHHA KYS for tethering out at 7500

that dude is a faggot but i think well go under 8k again, no one is bullish enough yet to put money in now, so if it keeps stagnating people are gonna take profits before it dumps

Say out loud what that picture depicts.

It's obvious that it is a bulltrap. But the question is: how high will it bounce?