Are there people who still believe in FUN?

Please explain yourself if yes or no.

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Yes. Self explanatory.

Yes. Self explanatory.

I sold but desu the fundamentals haven't changed so I wouldn't fault anyone for holding.

Yes. Self explanatory.

Yeah. Explains itself.

Online casinos.

Yes. Self Explanatory.

Kind of? It's more like I held for too long that I'd feel stupid selling low now.

Yes. Self explanatory.

Bought all in at 9 cents. I have no choice but holding. Also Id have to hold for a year anyway bcuz muh taxes

No online casino is ever going to use a chuck e cheese token that fluctuates in value

Yes. Self explanatory.

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Lol faggots coping hard. Its ok anons, McDonald's is probably hiring

Affirmative. Reason provided by same.

i 100% believe in fun; with that said I dont own any tokens anymore.

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No. Self explanatory.

Anyone else bought the dip? Idk about muh casinos but they are still working on a few games for the token.

Bought an extra 4k, total is now 45k

Yep, this. Why not just use DAI so it's stable against the dollar? Makes 0 sense.

Why do you think it makes no sense?

Hands of Adamant, that's why.

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You're going to be able to gamble with it in 2 months

Comfy hold. Within 8 weeks of launch. God tier team. Real use case.

This will be the surprise alt of the year.

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kek at fun holders probably even dumber then link holders

Ofcourse, fundamentals didn't change.

This year will be crucial. Whether it will stay a niche subcategory of casinos or will actually capture some good adoption has to be seen.

One dollar moon boys are delusional but this is a project that can survive the 2018 bear market.

We are the FUNchads and we are not selling

God you’re fucking stupid. I love the FUD for this coin because it’s sobeasy to shit on.

They are a software company you absolute cretin. The coin is only part of the project please do some research or If you’re a fucking pajeet, just die of typhoid already will ya?

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FUN is FUN, never realized that connection. ALL IN!

Alright, what are your price predictions?

Ok, why is a FUN token needed?

I upload 20$ to the online casino, a credit pops up, 20. I gamble. I lose 5$ credit says 15, i cash out.

Where in this proces is a fun token needed?

I’ll give you money to come here and chime your own bullshit down when this project takes off.

I’ll literally pay you for your apology because I’ll be loaded, and trust me you will be fucking sorry. I dare you to put your money where your mouth is you ridiculous, fat tongued clown.

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I'm just hoping I can double my FUN on blackjack, still waiting for that casino tho.

I"ve been shitting on fun and link since they where 0,11$ and 1$. You could've saved yourself some dollars listening. But no, you wouldn't, you couldn't.

It's not needed, it's the price you pay for using the platform. If you want the advantages of FunFair you got to use the token. If you want Xbox Live you got to buy Xbox points kind of deal.

Whether or not the advantages of FunFair are big enough to justify using FUN is to be seen. My expectation is that it will and at least some casinos will use it.

Everybody is fudding it like "why not use own token" but fail to realise you then also need to make the games, infrastructure and smart contracts. FunFair is Software as a Service. Not every company wants to bother writing their own software.

Again whether or not it will be used much is unknown for now but the advantages are there.

Yeah what are the settings for that casino? What were your odds? Was it verifiably a fair game?

Do you like going to carnivals and playing rigged games you will certainly lose or would you rather a blockchain casino could assure you through transparency that the game is fair?

Please do some Fucking research before running your mouth next time

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the token means it has a ledger showing a list of transactions. online casinos are notorious for not cashing people out or doing it after extended periods of time. in addition the token is a tangible asset you can use to trade and use to open your own casinos.

Yeah my main hold.
Explanation it has Fun in the name

i learned that if you what to make a smart move, you should extend you portfolio, and try to add more and more coins that are promising, my late add is skycoin, read about it, for me it;s a good investment

You’ve been wrong for a long time and you still are. Brag about that some more. Everyone seems to really value your incredible insight

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Ok, so the idea is a new site opens, uses the software of FUN and has to use the token to use to software. Paying a % of it's total bets.

So on a given day, the casino has 100 000 bets in and 98 0000 bets out. Profiting 2000 FUN? Then it has to convert that profit to $ and have an extra gamble, because the FUN token needs buyers.

Why wouldn't a new casino just use existing software where they don't have that extra gamble, and extra conversion. Because 80% of gamblers are retarded and probably want to see their money in $ not in FUN

Settings and licensing is very strict in Europe. Online casinos get random server checks and software has to be approved by the gaming commissions.

This will shoot trough the roof when players will start buying it. All the heavy LINK bagholders are tilting and looking a way to tilt even harder, online casino is answer

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Ok well with FUNFAIR you can just see for yourself the game is fair. We are explaining why you’re wrong but you just WANT to be right.

Please stop wasting everyone’s time with your hard headed nonsense.

Everyone is talking about muh casinos but just ignoring the blatant fact that online games using FUN are already in production. Very few coins this cheap have a working product on the way at all. This shit isn't even speculative anymore nigger, you'll literally be able to gamble it in a few weeks. I shouldn't even tell you this because I would like to accumulate more first but I probably won't be able to before it moons. Prove me wrong.

I am not super into FUN but they have a big team, attending conferences for gambling etc.

I think it can get big.

Ok, good point, i don't want to be right. I run a casino and i just don't see the use for it, and hoped to get better insights from you guys. But, fair game isn't really a point because goverments give licenses and if a license is given it's backed up by the goverment to be a fair game. People know this.

120k FUN here. We are gonna make it mah dude

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People may “think” this.

Not always the case and this product garuntees it. If you run a casino I would think this project would be attractive to you just on blockchain association alone.

Try not fudding something before you understand it, and You’ll probably find less vitriol coming back your way.

Yes. It is the coin for homosexuals and losers. I was unsure about my gayness but then I went all in on FUN. suddenly the idea of having mens penises in my arse and making bad decisions consumed me. The more FUN I buy the more retarded and homosexual I become. I looked in the mirror today and I looked like Hillary Clinton. That's FUN for you.

I guess "finding a buyer" can be seen as a gamble, although I think the price aspect is more of a gamble for the casino. If they dynamically buy and sell (so let's say sell at every sessions end, rebuy at start) volatility is minimised.

Casinos can decide to use existing software, but they come with higher overhead, larger licensing fees and higher server cost. FunFair makes a lot of casino management easier and cheaper. And yes a lot of players won't care about blockchain and fairness, but you cite twenty percent caring. That would be a huge market share.

Nothing stops a casino from displaying the amount of FUN a player has in dollars. If they peg the exchange rate to the price the buyer bought in with the players doesn't even see fluctuations.

Do you look like Hillary Clinton yet? Don't worry enough fun and one day you will look in the mirror and there she'll be staring back.

Sounds like you’re going through a tough transition user. Are your hormones too expensive? Are you projecting your transgendered frustrations on an Icelandic spear fishing discussion board again?

I look more like Bill Clinton since I started with my FUN treatments and I’ve been breaking my dick off in Hillary’s ass so that probably explains your literal butthurt here.

Start a gofundme for your hormones bro, plenty of sympathy for your mental illnesses, but you’ll find none here.

ID. Change huh?

Imagine getting BTFO so bad that you switch to this line of bullshit. I genuinely pity you.

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