Veeky Forums is becoming slow again

>Veeky Forums is becoming slow again
this is it , we've entered bear years

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>we've entered bear years
not for long

forgot pic, kek

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> board is slow at 4am
> omg this means years of bear market

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I love it - I hope we stagnate here for 6 months at least. much less pajeet spam. Even most of the Bitmexican cancers must've gotten rekt - their shitposts have been way down as well.

Life is good user.

Game over man!


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You think its the same time everywhere?

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Bitcoin has been in a bear market. Technology is in a bull market.

it is

In the only country that matters, yes.

How do I get out of this chickenshit bear market?

People like this guy is why they got that retard as a president


Let it deflate instead of asking for le bull run every time some whale pumps his own long positions

today, tomorrow , yesterday ? when do you think it's a good time to start informing yourself about skywire ??????

Alternative theory: people just moved out from here to places with higher signal to noise ratio.

There were no people in here anyway since November. It was all brainwashed pajeed shillers.


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>1 post by this ID
What does he mean by this?

>when do you think it's a good time...
ask the user that thinks we all live in a single timezone.

>implying its the same time everywhere in the only that country that matters

>pajeets banned by Google
>pajeets no longer spam Veeky Forums as much

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enjoy the quiet user, maybe we can even get a bit of old /biz before it all kicks off again

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