What does this mean exactly?

What does this mean exactly?


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literally nothing

Doesn’t mean anything - the US market is worth fuck all against the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and European markets

Fucking FUD is sickening

Global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese.

I am 23 and it amazes me that world governments believe they can control the online behavior of their citizens, especislly when there is money to be made (or lost).

They treat us like serfs in a field. No, peasants, we will not ALLOW you to participate in an international decentralized marketplace.

Like are you fucking kidding me? I dont think the next revolution will be bloody, but it will be unstoppable and it will put a lot of dinosaurs on the streets. They will be begging their technophile overlords for scraps.

you're a fucking idiot, the SEC is going to start investigation any companies they can behind ICOs

if they have no product or are run by russians or shell companies they'll get JUSTd and the token value will plummet

tokens / ICOs with an actual product will skyrocket as a result

in essense, LINK is finallt going to moon anons

LINK LARP aside, the article you didn't read isn't about controlling your online behavior, at all

>ICO investigation and shutdown
>not related to controlling behavior

Boy you sure are fucking stupid. Dont reply.

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>investigating companies is equivalent to telling me personally what to do

no limit to the retardation of libertarian children I see

trips confirm

He wants the freedom to be scammed.

I know you fags don't want your little bubble to pop, but SEC and related institutions are going to come down hard on ICO's at some point...
They're simply securities packaged as internet tokens.

>you must have this much in your bank account to ride
>not telling me personally what to do

The question is:
What people like this guy come here for?
This is a crypto board, does anybody thinks it’s strange that there’s a number of people like this guy posting and replying here?
Why do they come here?
>underrated questions

waste of trips; kill yourself

Chill out bro. I would love to see the scam icos like EOS get shut down.

Oh, a literate user...
>this ICO thing (opportunity to get great ROI) is not for you
>this is for acredited investors (1M + networth)
>who do these slaves think they are?
>do they think they should have the same opportunities as (((us)))?
>anyway, you are all low IQ retards and (((we))) must protect you.

>burgers think SEC has jurisdiction over non-Americans

By the way, EOS a project headed by the ONLY guy who has delivered the only fully functional blockchain products so far.

Yeap. The don’t realise that they are the ones who are and will be kept from getting to ICO’s.

america is actually a super fucked up place

the whole 'accredited investor' thing is bizarre

>Doesn’t mean anything - the US market is worth fuck all against the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and European markets

Even more than that - who even buys ERC20 tokens on regular exchanges anymore? That's what IDEX, Forkdelta etc are all for.

All this does is further cut the US out of the emerging economy. That's fine - all the best shit is being done by Russians, Canadians, Chinks, Europeans, Brits, Brazilians - even fucking pajeets have more projects than the US (of however dubious quality). GG Burgerfags.

>Chill out bro. I would love to see the scam icos like EOS get shut down.
i as well, but I'd be willing to bet it affects all tokens, as retard bag holders won't be able to differentiate. They just sell all if a crackdown sparks a downturn.

>the whole 'accredited investor' thing is bizarre
it is to keep small fish out of the pond to maximize political donations and tax revenue.

>What does this mean exactly?
No more scam ICOs that Americans couldn't participate in anyway. Literally nothing.

Anyone who says this is nothing is an idiot. This is only the beginning. Do youi think this is all the SEC related news that is coming?

Whatever. learn the hard way.

>Why do they come here?

Because they're 1 of 3 things:
1. Retarded nocoiners, resentful of the massive gains.
2. Bitmexican shortfags who ONLY trade in one direction - there's an equally retarded variety that only go long.
3. Paid shills - No shit, that's a fucking thing. Swarms of those fucks are used for "Influence Marketing" via places like Veeky Forums - so if he's one of those he's probably a Goldman Sachs shill or something. The big banks are already entering this market - they need the price as low as possible.

holy shit you all are retarded and didn't read the article

you can still buy whatever you want on any DEX, the article doesn't say anything about that, nor will the SEC ever attempt to control that

do you want to do something great with you life, do you like what they did with facebook , google, space x ? do you think these were done staying on internet and waste your time ? start now an read about skywire if you are thinking about your future !

Yeap, I’d say option 3.
The other question is, how many anons are retarded enough to fall for these imbecile’s arguments?
>it’s so incredibly obvious
>underrated question.

>literary the title of the article
>not for plebeians
>buy on DEX he says

burgerfags on suicide watch

""I have perceived a trend in the market wherein legitimate projects seeking to issue a native token for functional networks is steering toward relying on the Reg D exemption within the U.S.," Tekin Salimi, a project manager at Polychain Capital, told CoinDesk.

As reported, the rule requires purchasers to be accredited investors, which means they must have a minimum net worth of $1 million, or have earned $200,000 annually for the last two years."

I've told you fucks that they aimed to make ICOs only available to accreddited investors to save you amerimutts from yourselves, but nobody gave a shit.

It was all "20 trillion by 2020" memes and nobody saw the writing on the wall. Russia already voted this into law IIRC and I'm guessing EU is next.

This also explains yesterday's dumpening

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For the first time ever, I'm literally glad I don't live in the US...and it's all because of crypto
Between ridiculous taxes and ridiculous upcoming regulations, they are robbing you guys blind over there

>As reported, the rule requires purchasers to be accredited investors, which means they must have a minimum net worth of $1 million, or have earned $200,000 annually for the last two years.

Accredited investor requirements are the most blatant rich-get-richer bullshit thing out there.

Lower class mofos lose hundreds and even thousands of dollars at the casino and no one blinks an eye, but "WE MUST PROTECT THE POOR PEOPLE FROM GETTING IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THESE RISKY ICOS, IT'S TOO DANGEROUS, LET THE RICH HANDLE THAT"


What about nocoiners who are not resentful and have a hard on for gains of regular people and want in on the next train when they can secure some funds?

I want the freedom to decide what is a scam and isn’t and be able to invest my money accordingly.

Amen, brother!

Mate, read the first 3 sentences

Maybe you oughta read past there, brainlet.

If burger use a VPN


Burgers will be able to invest via ICO pools

It means EOS won't be launching mainnet.

about time burger idiots get banned from participating and making ico's, only scammy shitty projects come from the LE CREATURAS, blockarray and axpire anyone??

Spotted the problem.

Is this that fag Oliver if so kys

>implying it was ever going to launch

Nah, thats just samefagging.

Newfags might fall for it. Oldfags I doubt it - if you weren't a conspiritard before getting into cryptos watching coordinated FUD campaigns timed with media releases etc will make you one. Especially when the same shit happens in the other markets too, just slower. If this isn't your first crash, you're probably buying right now (I fucking am).

I'm behind 10 proxies and 20 vpns good luck pigs

Americans are going to miss out on so much money here. (((The Government)))) wants to (((protect))) us from scams, of course. Only (((registered investors))) should be involved in ICOs, goy.

Don't forget the fucking lottery scam - I live in a poor neighbourhood, ads are everywhere. Almost everyone plays multiple lotteries its SAD