Okay I am going to help you guys because I used to be poor like you...

Okay I am going to help you guys because I used to be poor like you. The current trend of crypto especially alts is death and down, we all know this. But that is about to end shortly. There is an event coming up that will be the biggest event of 2018 for crypto currencies.

This event is called consensus. To all you new fags out there it is a gathering of all the cryptos where they all meet up and update us on their current status of their projects and where they expect to be in the future. They often announce partnerships, new deals, new revolutionary game changing ideas to their projects.

As you know insider trading happens every fucking day in crypto. If you are smart you can ride the wave and coat tails of the whales and make massive gains.

Go to this website.


What you will find there is a list of all the crypto projects that will be attending consensus 2018. Begin watching every single chart of these projects for the next 2 months. You're looking for huge volume spikes that are gigantic buy orders way down low that whales have placed and are waiting for noobs to panic sell the bottom.

You can be certain that the projects that you see do this will have a minimum x4 to x10 gain come may.

Hopefully this helps. This is your easiest time of the year to make gains. Don't fuck it up

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Thanks op. I knew there were still good people on this board.

Why can't there be more posts like this on biz?


So Stellar will be #1

Thanks, user. Happy to see a useful post, for once.

If Ethereum will go up - all erc20 will go up, simple

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I remember the stunt fluffy did

looked everywhere, didn't see LINK on there at all

6 moths ago i've stop smoking, and it's incredible , i don't understand why i smoked these years, search and read about skywire

true blessing......how could you pass this up

LINK is under heavy NDAs though

the game ?

so buy into the hype /?

What do the block levels signify?

I don't see stratis, omg and nano, am i fucked?


Bump. Thanks for the heads up OP.

Anyone else follow this last year?

yes all shit coins

So what happened last year after this event?

No NEO or WTC but there's QTUM and VEN

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This is.....actually a fucking valid strategy. Op fucking delivered and was NOT a faggot for once.

It literally caused the massive bullrun of May-June 2017

What date is the conference for this?

OMG is Moneyskellys new baby - since Ethereum is there (practically half the event) you'll be fine. Infrastructure and middleware projects supported by core devs are fine - although they won't go to x1000 or anything (since that's not their purpose).

The other 2? Yeah gg user.

A rare piece of gold from Veeky Forums. Thanks OP

Wtf i spent days researching before buying strat omg and nano, along with a couple others... I'm still pretty sure i was right, in that site the op posted there is a lot of chink shit i can't believe that will do better than my holdings, r-right?

Perianne Boring is also a speaker at this event. She was also a speaker at SXSW together with Sergey. This could be huge for us Linkies.

>funfair isn't there

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I just lost the game, man!! Damn.

OP delete this RN, shill this 2 days before the event when I'm done accumulating WTFFFF REEEEEEEEEEE

>no LINK
>no REQ
>no JNT

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AHHH those are my bags too is it kill?

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Look at the size of that logo dayum son I'm gonna make it

No larp but i know one of the really high ups in one of the companies listed as the sponsors. Anything i should ask that can beneficial.


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ask him when will the alt season start

The thing is i had no idea that company were affiliated with crypto at this level. I don't really think he can answer any questions about prices and stuff because he probably won't know. Only things about adoption and what kind of cryptos the industry is looking into.

Do the needful sir.

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So what kind of cryptos is the industry looking into?

Good to see NEM there, stealing more and more traffic from ETH.

Don't know yet its my friends dad, asked my friend to talk to him when he gets home from work so will probably get some answers tonight.

Good to see NEM recognition on Veeky Forums. Fucking sleeping giant with hacker overselling.

Bump for visibility. Get a head start biz, don't be a pig.