Last chance for a real moon mission this year

Last chance for a real moon mission this year.
Regulation is coming. A bunch of alts, ico's and ponzi's will die. The bear might continue for a couple of months or years.
Exchanges will still make money. Crypto will be around for years to come. And great exchanges will grab a piece of that market share.
All Coinmetro has to do is deliver a professional product, and it'll beat dozens of exchanges that at the moment are still making 10s of millions in fees despite being terrible platforms. And the great part is, the team has already proven themselves capable in the FX market.
Anyhoo, sign up with a ref link to get a bonus when you buy XCM, the coin that will be used for ALL fees on the exchange. You could use mine: ?refId = 5a8d82f7e81027571d7181c8 .
Even if you don't, why miss this obvious moon mission even in a bear market?

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This will 100x! Use and you'll get +2.5%


Goes on for like 4 more days I think

It's literally the best ICO going on at the moment. For starters it has a working product actually launching within a month. By that fact alone it's a better deal than 99% of the market.

I posted this in another thread so I'm just going to paste it here. But while I do love this project, let me just say that I think your relentless ref shilling is destroying the reputation of it.

Coinmetro. It has been shilled hard here by ref niggers so it's gotten somewhat of a bad reputation. But it really is great IMO and for several reasons:

1. Low fees, 0.1% and a further 25% lifetime discount if you invest at least 0.1 ETH in the ICO. So effectively a 0.075% fee.
2. Simple and accessible UI. Let's face it, this whole space needs to be simplified if we really want normie money to pour in.
3. ETCF's. Once again, most normies arn't as autistic as Veeky Forums and heavily research various coins etc and just want an easy investment option, that's why crypto funds will be a huge things because it offers people an easy way to diversify their crypto portfolio and have it handled by proven managers.
4. Debit Card, which is confirmed coming in July. It will allow you to use any crypto on your Coinmetro account to pay for your everyday transactions. Not really revolutionary but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.

Also some other things like an ICO express similar to Binance's Launchpad, leverage trading on alt coins and more. All in all, a really good investment. Worth noting that you can't participate in the ICO as a burger and the ICO ends this friday.

I don't feel ashamed posting my ref link in this instance because I honestly feel this is at a minimum going 10x this year, unless the sky literally falls (like, an exploit is found in bitcoin or the internet dies or some such).
Plus the ref is a win win because both the shill and the shillee get a bonus, so if you sign up you should sign up with a ref link anyway.

Some more pros:
-ICO isn't sold out (unbelievably so, while literal shitcoins sell out) so unless there is a last minute miracle rush they'll burn tokens.
-Americlaps couldn't join the ICO so will have to buy on the market.

Well sure, if you present good arguments for why you think the project is likely to succeed there is no real harm in posting your ref link but it's shit like this that gives this project a bad name. Most niggers just post their ref links without justifying it and it makes the project look like a cesspit full of pajeets.

Isn’t this just another erc20 token

This. Every time I see a Coinmetro post I see a bullshit ref shill. It's got to the stage where I no longer take this coin seriously. But thanks for posting your thoughts on it.

Would you pick this over Blockport & Coinvest?

The token will be the only way to pay fees on the exchange. When people trade, there will be XCM tokens bought and burned by the exchange (the users won't have to do it themselves, but it will happen under the hood).

The exchange will offer a platform for vetted ICO's, and those joining the pre-sale will get early access to these ICO's. Also, lifetime fee reduction on both CoinMetro and FXPig (their FX exchange).
Even when you buy in the minimum (0.1 ETH).

Investing in this project is a no brainer if you trade crypto imo.


AMA with the CEO

I havn't really investigated Blockport or Coinvest so while I cannot speak for those projects, Coinmetro is a really solid ICO. Kevin (the CEO) really knows his shit and has operated FXpig, a forex exchange, successfully for years which means he has the experience. Also, he moved his entire family to Estonia to get this project off the ground, so you know he is in this for the long-haul (because who the fuck wants to live in Estonia).

As for the exchange itself, I think it has a massive normie appeal that most exchanges lack. It's simple, good-looking and has a focus on good customer-support. And as I said in my previous post, the ETCF's will give new investors easy investment options which is vital if we want to get more people into this space. But yeah, watch this to get a feel for the project, read the whitepaper and make your own decision.

dude wtf is this shit? How can anyone be so stupid to belive that even if this exchange is a total flop with only 2MM daily volume it will still x10? What is this calculation? It's pure retardness.

Fuck off with your ref scam ico, fucking live edu 2.0

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isn't every trade done through xcm? like if you trade eth for link it will convert to xcm somewhere in the middle

burgerlards still can't buy

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Yeah I wouldn't trust it, obviously the calculation is done to attract investors and make them use the ref link displayed on the page.

Yes, so when you make a bitcoin trade, you pay your 0.1% fee in bitcoin. This is then pushed to the XCM market as a buy order, so all of it will be handled on the backend and there is no need for users to worry about it personally. This is great for XCM holders as it means constant buying pressure in addition to dwindling supply (token burn), which will ensure prices for XCM continue rising as the exchange grows bigger.

I think this ICO is how I make it

Explain why you think it is a scam because the team is extremely legit, they already run FXPig.

What would you think about platform then? It's also extremely legit because it will be run by the same guy that made bitstamp, one of the best crypto exchanges in the world.

Sounds good, haven't looked into it yet. Afaik, Bitstamp has had decent service for quite some years now.
I'd say that UK is not the ideal location for a token exchange, however.
Generally speaking, I think quality exchanges are great investments if you can get in cheap. Sell pickaxes during a gold rush and all.... And if by any chance you get in early in the exchange that will house institutional money in the future, you'll get filthy rich.

a friend of mine told me about skycoin, and i've started to read about what skywire means, and i can honestly tell you that it's quite interesting, read about it

So it’s basically an exchange that is doing an ico. Is this how binance and kucoin use heir coins too?

Yes. It's basically BNB except for CoinMetro. This has potential to be number 4 exchange.

With Binance, the use of BNB for fees is optional and you'll get a discount on fees when you use it. However, the discount is lowered over time (every half year or so?). XCM will be the fee currency on Coinmetro, period. Also for products offered on the exchange other than trading.
On the other hand, Binance has airdrops for BNB holders. Dunno about Kucoin.

i'm in. wish i had more.

some things i like about this project:

built with regulation in mind

card purchases are going to be 1.9%, the lowest on any exchange

anyone that bought in under 0.07 will be locked in for a time, to help prevent the usual ico dump.

it has got gud graphics.

Yes but unlike BNB and KCS there will not be an option to use XCM and get a discount. The fee will be paid in XCM one way or another, period.

Great project, will be a top tier exchange.
But for anybody thinking to buy this now: you are late.
With a $ based price and eth in the shitter, you would be paying more than 2x eth wise of the 9c tier, not mentioning the 7, 5 and 3c tiers.
Buy a small amount for the bonuses reserved for ico investors and wait for the initial dump to buy more.

You seriously do math in crypto? The fiat price doesn't fluctuate that wildly. I'd say it's great that you lock in your fiat price at the moment of buying.

Any realistic price speculation?
I got myself 32k xcm at 7€ tier but looking to hold long term

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My guess is about 5 dollars per token EOY.

u sure bruv? thats like 33x. That's alot.

As much as I wish you will be right, in the current market I think anything near $1 EOY is more realistic. But if the bear market continues pajeets will just dump it to oblivion and we'll be waiting years for $5.

It's one of the best ICOs out there though and I'm willing to wait. Unironically thinking of going all in.

3.10 euros if things go well, if not dump then 40-60 cents EOY.

It is a lot by normal standards but I use it as a conservative estimation. True, in the current market as it stands today it may seem unrealistic but this bear market isn't going to last very long IMO. There's a lot of institutional money just waiting on the sidelines, ready to step in but they can't due to unclear and missing regulations. Regulators are scrambling to get their shit together and it's happening very fast, as soon as we get more clear guidance from them as how to proceed there will be an unprecedented inflow of money that will double or even triple this market in a matter of weeks as traditional hedge funds, investment banks and the likes move in to get their share. This in turn will attract more retail investors as they see the massive profits and wish to get in on it, just like before, and they will need exchanges like Coinmetro that offer an easy fiat-crypto gateway as well as easy investment options like ETCF's.

The only thing holding the market back is unclear regulations but it won't stay that way for long.

it's worth buying at least 0.1 eth worth for the permanent discount, that's what I did and then I'll buy more after the price dumps