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Are you already in the next 100x Veeky Forums? Its not even on cmc yet

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just sold my omisego for this coin. looks solid!
lets hope it was a good choice.

Still trying to accumulate i see


Whales are accumulating at 7-8c range for past week. Sell walls price suppression and anything underneath it gets eaten up instantly. It only takes 8-9k USD (100k BBN) to get a top 150 holders address, and in the last 7 days, there's an average of 6 new holders buying more than 100k BBN daily.

>not listed on cmc
>not listed on any major exchanges
>partnered with HPB and LOOP
>HPB and LOOP angel investors
>Co-founder is founder/ceo of Union Pay Smart

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This will 10x by june. 100x is unrealistic

these days is quite hard to know what is true or not, and for that i say that is a good starting point to read about skywire, today !

Suppoman going to shill it today? Get in before he does

Not going to put money into anything where team members wear a guy fawkes mask

gtfo boomer

bought 60k of these, did i just get pajeeted?
i dont give a fuck longterm, even a 10% gain is sufficient for me, hoping for more of course

Come on man, surely you have bigger dreams than 10%

please dump ur bags at 10%. i will buy them all. Im in this until 10x

RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE fucking bibox won't let me deposit with no 2fa. Don't want to use no shitty google auth either.

I've got 400k BBN, what are you on about, the user that I replied to only wants 10% gains.

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what's going to make this 10x by june lol? its on bibox and has been stagnant ever since the selloff

>do my research for me

it's obvious you're incapable of doing a 30 second google search on this project, so go ahead let your puny brainlet hands do what they're best at doing and sell low

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Use authy isn't as good in terms of security as Google 2fa but does the job

I bought 5k of these for shiggles

CMC listing, getting on major exchanges, NDA gets undisclosed on what contracts they have with the Chinese government and Union Pay (CEO on telegram confirm contract exists with gov and union pay, but can't disclose what it is until NDA period expires).

Oh and whales are accumulating to pump the fuck out of this.

Stagnant in a bear market is a bullish sign.

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where can you even buy it lol


I bought into bbn when it was at 4 cents, and no other coin has existed to me ever since. I haven't gotten the urge to invest in something else.

I did the same.

.047 for me.

How did you find out so early?

the better question would be, where can you even short this.
if only there was a way to short all these p&d shitcoins

I have been watching HPB close and their partnership with BBN was low key announced on some Chinese website. I google translated it, found out Kelvin Long was co founder, and we all in.

I wish there was also a way to short.. you would absolutely lose your money on this one, and it would be hilarious.

Why this over HPB? Would you consider HPB a worthy investment too?

well at this market cap I'll take profits at 50 - 100 million market cap for an easy 5-10 x