Hi Veeky Forums

Hi Veeky Forums
I got into car accident 2 weeks ago and looks like I'm not going back to work for another few months. I have tons of free time and I want to start day trading crypto but I'm totally green when it comes to this sort of thing. I literally have 0 experience in trading. Could you please link me some guides or good youtube channels for a total newbie? I tried google but all I found was blogs of guys trying to sell their "Become a millionaire trading crypto" guides. I guess they're a scam.

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it's not worth it

Where you from OP ?

Day trading sucks near always.

Why not? I am not looking to make millions

Don't bother. The market is totally in the hands of whales, no TA is usable at the moment


Put in 500 dollars first
Get your way around things. This thing is a gold mine if you are smart enough

might wanna check this shit out


Just buy some cryptos now when they are down and then just hodl. It will be really hard daytrading and making any profits.

it's hard to make profit daytrading expecially if you have 0 experience it's not worth getting into aso this is mostly true



was het een oud persoon?

This is a solid guide op. I’d start at bitfinex: youtu.be/PbI5JGBjICY

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start here

If you get a feel for some predictable ups and downs (be fucking careful, you can never be completely sure) be conservative.

If I’m
Predicting a daily low of 7800 and a high of 8200 I’ll often swing in above 7800 and out below 8200. Even if I only increased my non BTC Stack by 3-5% (sometimes less) I’ve still increased my stack For free (minus fees).

If you really believe in the coins you’re stacking, this should be incredibly valuable to do. Obviously if you believe in BTC you’ll just tether instead.

If it is alt coins, make sure you aren’t blind to big percentage differences on either end. You’ll get a lot less if you are buying a coin that’s way up against BTC or selling a coin that’s way down.

Just remember increasing your stack by a measly 20 coins was probably a good day. You won’t see the dollar value gains until your project starts moving, but if you started with 100 of x-coin, and swung to 120, when that coin makes gains you’ll know what it was all for.

Sorry if that’s too basic, I’m assuming you are starting at square 0. If you go slow and stay conservative you’ll win more often than not. Trust your gut and practice with small money til you’ve got a feel.

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just go to bitmex with 10x leverage, you literally can't lose with that

>I have no experience
>I will try day trading
You’ll lose 90% of your deposit in 90 days


shitload of trading books (TA, FA, etc etc)

Cryptonickk and Ryan hildreth