Does this actually work? Will I get to keep my crypto gains?

Does this actually work? Will I get to keep my crypto gains?

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I am not a burger but this can't be true

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I did it and it worked, best advice I've ever taken

Depends on what you want to accomplish

>tfw I did this but they sent a treaty negotiator and now I pay more to live on american soil than if I had just paid my taxes and am not allowed to own guns

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pay them in sandia dollars faggot

the absolute state of Veeky Forums

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I ain't moving from the most powerful, rich and advanced country in the history of human civilisation


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>give them copies of all transactions and wallets
Then they will know your exact crypto worth and fuck you with no lube

You also need to have a marine flag on your house, so it's treated as international waters. This is very important.

It's true.


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I once somehow found a whole forum of people who believed you can void your debts by doing something similar, claiming that your loans were actually issued to a corporation bearing your name. I got the impression that most of those people had 70-80 IQ as they appeared to sincerely believe that.

KEK at all the deluded eurofags who don't know this shit. There's a reason the U.S. is the greatest country in the world and why everyone from Europe flees in mass to come live here.

the problem is that all this us sovereign citizen stuff is filled with truths and half truths. The reality is the courts will never give any off it credence even if it is correct because it would undermine the system and reveal the bullshit foundations it is all built on.

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can confirm this works

This is a deep rabbit hole to go down, I suggest you go on YouTube and search for John Harris Its An Illusion

He's English but it applies to any country with common law

anyone dumb enough to do this is literally so poor they wouldn't even owe taxes if they did file everything properly


Yep. IRS is just a bully you need to step up to. If you don't, they'll keep taking your lunch money. How do you think the rich got rich, by paying taxes? In life you got to take what is yours or be forever beta.

i understood there to be a communication from the head of the irs stating that tax is voluntary