How do I short San Francisco and the ideologically bankrupt people that live there...

How do I short San Francisco and the ideologically bankrupt people that live there? They're out of new ideas and I think they're going to go the way of the rust belt over the next few decades.

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Wtf I am like dog? That sucks


It's fud

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I know that i have red green weakness so it could be real

too, im a dog.

25% of the population doesn't have 4 cones. It's like .01% or some bullshit

Is this troll? How the fuck are there more than 20 colors there?! I took the actual test during eye exam and I am not color blind, so either my screen is fucked or this is bullshit

well i get 22 so your shit out of luck

Not all colors can be accurately depicted on a computer screen. Screens have only 3 different wavelengths which they mix to give the appearance of many more.

I doubt such a test can be accurate for this reason.

I'm guessing this is one of those troll pictures you third worlders seem to be so fond of.

To address the topic, I suggest you buy popcorn stocks.

I say this because, when San Francisco goes bankrupt, I will be eating a lot of popcorn.

If the money leaves SF, all that will remain is the streets full of human excrement and discarded drug needles

>Between 33 and 39+ color nuances: you are a gay man, and most likely to be a painter or a fashion designer

I counted 33, also yellow does irritate me for some reason. It's just so fucking bright

I have super sharp colour vision and I got 47.

Lying. Thought these gullible tards probably will buy it

Is this fud?

Can somebody please just put this in mspaint and report back with the number of different colors there are with the sample tool?

no lying pls

Dog here
Dog is god if you read in reverse so i see the bright side of it.

There are only 16 RGB colours there.

If you desaturate it there are only 5. Should be 4, but the creator got sloppy and fumbles around the 127 / 128 mid point.

17 as far as I can tell

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Girlfriend just counted 29. I got 16. FUCK!

You idiots 2 cones is like being colorblind. You would know if you were colorblind

well, at least we know it's fake. now we can all leave the thread, right?

i showed this to my wife and said 22 as well.
she says if you stare for a long time the gradients appear

>Blue ID with "Dye" in it


Lol I counted 18. But the pattern tries to trick your eyes into thinking you are seeing more I think.


Holy fuck it's true

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ops is fake

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I'm going to be in San Fan for Blockchain Frontier SF. Anything I should do while there? I've never been to the west coast