I wanna be a Zillionaire

So fucking bad.

We just getting started boys.

Come join the revolution to $1

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is this like the billion coin?

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Nah Zilliqa will be one of, if not, the most complete permissionless and decentralised public blockchain in crypto. Most of the Zilliqa team members are PhD researchers (wrote an academic research paper with Yale and University College London, think ADA-style team).

- Scalability/Sharding (Only fully permissionless and decentralised protocol that is scalable without sacrificing security and decentralization – EOS, Ripple, Neo, Hashgraph are permissioned & centralised)
- Privacy (Private function evaluation, cryptographic commitments and zkSNARK among others)
- Interoperability layer for cross-chain communication
- Unique POW + PBFT mining mechanism that only needs to be mined 12hrs a month and left idle. Constant low mining/transaction fee ratio as the network expands but still yield high aggregated fees for miners
- New smart contract language (Scilla) that will enforce greater security and be easier to prove properties about contracts e.g. funds will never get locked like in the case of Parity. It can be compiled into Solidity so Ethereum dapps can migrate easily
- PBFT consensus algorithm provides transaction finality so there is no need to wait for confirmations (unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin). It eliminates the double spend risk and provides significant speed advantages.
- Decentralized storage (Partnered with Bluezelle)
- On-chain governance


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eoy estimate?

Zilliqa is up almost 100% in eth this month in a sea of red. But it's still only 4 cents right now....It'll be $1 end of year.

It's been hitting the headlines a lot recently. Facebook director of engineering as advisor, Vitalik went to their office for a meeting, NEO council saying on CNBC they invested in Zil, Bluezelle partnership, binance listing, multiple global events, new head of business development from JP Morgan & BlackRock.

And the best is yet to come, public testnet this month. First time in crypto history the public can try out a sharded blockchain.

I’ve been telling everyone about this for a while. This is one of the few coins to HODL in 2018.

Was telling for a couple of months already.

ZIL will hit $100+ EOY easily.


I've been warning Veeky Forums about Zilliqa. My last warning was yesterday before the BTC pump. Sometimes... You shouldn't do the opposite of what Veeky Forums say's.

Why will zil be anything when eth will implement sharding and is more established?

It will pump on speculation but ultimately go nowhere

Since you pretend you understand it I will not explain shit to you.

Looks good, fresh coin too. Throwing 1000 bucks at it, what should my target be?

Nice, just bought 194k

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>On a discussion board
>does not want to discuss

Why are you here, just to shitpost?

We expect 1-2$ eoy but as always it depends on too many factors.
Right now zil is somewhat safe investment, I'm not going to swing trade it but most likely you will have your chance to sell it for x2 very soon if you want to.

worth picking up now, or is my money better spent elsewhere in short term

>asks a question but ends like if he already had an aswer

Spent some time checking it out and wow this looks like a great buy

I'll buy next sell off

they buyouts huge wi

unironically bought another 90k, now sitting at 284k ZIL.
See you guys at 0.10$ soon.

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It will go down to 2 cents next week, I'd wait

Ya... Been reading bullshit like this for the past 2 weeks. You keep waiting on 2cents.

Kek I already hold


question though, why is there 12 billion coins total, but 6 bill circ? will they release the rest?

exit scam tron 3.0

You can't do a simple Google search?
I still help you out Zillmate.

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thanks fren

This is unironically my most exciting hold now thanks OP

"unironically mooning right now"

All you people should have been zillborn

Sage this bullrun

Debating whether I should sell my VEN worth 2btc into Zilliqa. hmmmmm