Someone post this fags report

Post this shit talkers 23rd report so we can all laugh at the wrong things he claims.

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he's literally always wrong, how does he do it?

I thought he made SOME sense at first but he has been wrong literally EVERY SINGLE TIME. Stopped watching after that.

who is this fucking guy anyway?

a trader with the mentality of a 5yr old

based marius
he has breakfast with charlie lee
lunches with sakamoto
afternoon snack with justin sun
dines with vitalik
goes fuck escorts with sergey

>Robin Hood just killed the NIGGER on Rabbit Coon Island

What did he mean by this

is this just one of the goys that's materialized out of the bull run? or is he some celebrity investor meme?

Here you go OP. I just bought his report for the KEK

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Do you not see the beauty? By being wrong every time, he is actually right every time.

He thinks that will have another bullrun. Not is this market.

That's because success is a lousy indicator.
You must AIM TO FAIL.
Pic related.

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It is a cryptic message. Only the chosen ones could understand.

That's what I'm saying lol
Like how does he have the audacity to come back with more reports

Fucking an abundance of health wealth and bitches for you user
For providing us With this entertainment


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Don't worry guys bull run starts on ther 12th if march

the trouble is marius, chicken tikka all the other shills dont know whats going to happen all they can do is make an educated guesstimate. In reality they have a 50/50 chance of being right and a stopped clock is right twice a day

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Go all in LTC user

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The money is buying the reports...which pajeets lap up, which pay for their lambos, then they pnd you into the ground...tale as old as time...

Clif's report is $99 user. He is being shilled to death here on Veeky Forums

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Well teeka and his Palm beach VIP leaks are much worse
>Buy Aion up to 10$
>Stop loss : none

is there anything else in this report or just meme lines?

yeah, he's also wrong on most occasions, all these shills game is reports, subsribers on youtube, followers on twitter, telegram etc...this is how THEY make money...the product is you user...

3 pages, that's it.

i would say cliffs report was far better value. hes only selling the report not shilling coins or tokens and his information is gathered in an entirely different way and he says he can be wrong. cliff is similar to Celente and they both try to identify trends rather than shill coins

Could you imagine paying $99 just to see his "reading" for your fav shitcoin and he show nothing but a paragraph worth of writing?

>better value
If you say so lad, I went all in crypto since mid 2017. I'm still green just by hodling. Not sure how much he could help me.

ive never paid for anyones report eventually some user posts them here. i read cliffs for the general trend same as Celente rather than about a particular coin. of course I dont take it all as gospel but merely into account

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So basically every crypto """expert"""

If you believe it enough, all the meme lines is literally has that impact on a lot of people and pajeet number 5 goes wow, this is amazing...$99 dollars and I can make $599 off the call...make $500, only to get in after the all of the shillers got in before you, just to dump on your in total youve lost $599...pnd 2.0...

>25 bucks to see memelines
you can get them from biz for free multiple times a day

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Who is this wizard?

Should post his paid reports under every tweet he makes like the ETH scammers

he seems to be very optimistic as always,
I just love how when bitcoin does a very complicated correction pattern Marius just throws predictions months ahead but whatever, if you sell scam reports you don't have to be right.

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Why not just do the opposite of what he says?

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What if he is merely saying the opposite of what /biz says

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>mind blowing

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But if he is saying the opposite of Veeky Forums
and I always have to do the opposite of Veeky Forums to make money
and I always have to do the opposite of Marius to make money

what do I do?

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you buy high, then you sell low, user.

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