Serious question

Serious question.

I am in no way a techy, my background is medical.

I have a large stake in LINK on the off chance that they pull off their plan.

What I don't understand is, why is the team so small, when their goal is so significant and valuable to the entire cryptoassets space? Their are other, low value, simple projects with literally 10x the personnel.

Would more people not get them moving along quicker, or is their something my tiny brain doesn't get?

Additionally, why are their no true rivals trying to create a decentralised oracle

>muh Mobius


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their = there

>why is the team so small
They don't want to share when they exit scam
> why are their no true rivals
Cos they are trying to solve a glorified no-problem

>on the off chance that they pull off their plan.
You think these 2 guys have a plan? Tell me about their plan then. kek

I would rather start a business with 5 lions vs 500 lambs

Good analogy, also you don't want too many cooks in the kitchen.

surely a lot of the work can be delegated to lesser team members with oversight at this stage.

if you want to solve global problem, it's not possible for few

They released the alpha testnet *ahead of schedule* absolutely fine with the current number of team members.

>nice larp 4/10
I refuse to believe that anybody could be stupid enogh to buy this glorified erc20 token.

This, chainlink is not needed

Imagine being such a brainlet that you would actually believe that they only have 2 people on their team. There's obviously some heavy NDA shit at work, so you're never going to know until they feel like telling you. They don't pander to people on twitter, or telegram, or any other shit you can think of. They don't give a shit about you. They're courting the foundations of big money / big business - we are largely irrelevant but we can still pick up their pocket change.

Crashing /biz, with no survivors.

Why do medical teams only have one or two MDs? Wouldn’t they be able to accomplish more if each team had 20 of them?

>why are their no true rivals trying to create a decentralised oracle

Because the further you look into it, the more issues that arise. Also see pic related, do you understand it?? No? Neither does the vast majority of people, including a lot of those that claim to be programmers.

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If you holding coin, can't not be rational about it. This is because your vision will be clouded.
Delusional vision, basically same as living in fantasy world

There is a potential rival, Witnet

Your pajeet is showing

Ah, the classic norman thinking of "why don't big companies just hire 1000 coders to get everything done in 1 day dur"
the answer is because more people does not equal more efficient work when it comes to computer projects

thanks, basically want I wanted to know

le mythical man month
le 10x engineer

Good one

There are competitors already that have surpassed chainlink

They obviously have a larger team not directly in the project

Wintnet is years behind though. Plus the CEO is a soy boy.

Can they be a legitimate competitor once their product is out though? The market should be big enough for multiple oracles

Just fucking fuck off newfag.

it doesnt matter who they are. what matters is their plan

>who are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
>who is Bill Gates
>who is Jeff Bezos

they can but their testnet is 2 years away, chainlink will probably release on mainnet this year
it will be like ETH vs NEO or EOS, chainlink will absolutely dominate the oracle space

Sergey spent all the money on Big Macs and Thailand ladyboys. Chainlink is fucked

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found him at my local mcdonalds

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this is how you recognize a high quality whitepaper

that's very clearly in-n-out, fren

They have to keep the team small, they only received $32,000,000 in ETH and only own the majority of all Link. Who is going to pay for additional staff?

>if you want to solve global problem, it's not possible for few

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What do they use the money for? Even if it is allegedly a 4 man team that’s still a 8,000,000$ salary.

>I am in no way a techy
you didn't have to tell you bought chainlink

i-its for development

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Satoshi Nakamoto worked alone and with Dave Kleiman, Nick Szabo, Hal Finney and Gavin Andresen.. The bitcoin team wasn't 1,000 people. Sergey apparently is the brain behind LINK. Not the only ones doing smart contracts.

muh army of 400 pajeet codemonkey will deliver the next big project

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