Why do things cost money?

Why do things cost money?

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because the jews

Because nobody fucks for free

Because the nazis denied us the dream....

Why not? If sex is one of the most basic human desires why must you pay for it?

It's a cope saying by guys who can't get laid by other means than prostitutes.

Money is just a streamlined version of barter trade that was needed as society grew past the tribal "everyone knows everyone else" stage.

Because they are scarce. Prices signal their scarcity.

humans are greedy and want something in exchange for their service and work

free doesn't work, and it doesn't exist


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How do post-scarcity societies work?

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People invent retarded rules that restrict free distribution of an infinite resource to benefit corporations. See digital distribution of media being artificially restricted by copyright.

They don't exist.

If you're (ugly || autistic) like me, paying a women is the only way to get laid. I not necessarily talking about hookers, it could be dinner, expensive dress, you name it.

Venus project is the best example I've seen

They don't. You should come work for me, while bringing this brand new reality to life.

As long as sex exists, post-scarcity is just delusion.

It's just a bunch of pretty architectural pictures. And a bunch of pipedream concepts like "dude, money is the root of all evil so no money = no prisons"

They don't?

I would. Why not.

because of (((white people)))

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In post-scarcity societies, basic needs are catered for. Poverty might be eradicated.

But don't be fool their society is still hierarchical. An elite still exists at the top and wields power perpetually, acting like a mafia. Those elite have exploited loopholes in that system.