>inb4 reddit

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part 2

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>tfw no broke gf to financially support and cuddle with

too bad she obviously is a rapid cockmunching whore and deserves everything she is getting

Reddit (gold)

>Rent 2500

>$30,000 20-25% APR

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What was her mistake, any idea?

>be me
>highschool dropout
>no debt
>low expenses
>six figure crypto portfolio

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Watch her go back to school, go deeper into student loan debt only to graduate with some dumb as fuck degree like "Art".

This broad is dumber than shit and I guarantee you that now that she's shot herself in the foot she's going to double down and jack a chainsaw between her toes

>if I wanted to read a giant wall of text from some soyboy on plebbit, I would go on plebbit.


wanting to get paid to live like paris hilton, thinking this was possible, then taking up front financial risk towards that goal

whats with this insane credit

probably posted somewhere she was paid to post

I wonder what she did to breach contract
Also 7k to blog about stupid stuff
I don't feel bad anymore making it with crypto

Going back to school is the best option if she wants to get a decent job. This is assuming she's atleast in a good friend like stem or law.

How in the fuck do u make that much for being popular on instagram? Fucking bullshit

Probably some hilarious drunken social media post where she gobbles on a champagne bottle tits hanging out for all to fondle

social media is a valuable and powerful tool, its worth every penny to get some maked up whore to shill your products for you

just look at the normie rush when instagram celebrities began to shill crypto in late 2017

Lmao. Roastie status: toasty

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She's a dumb social media 22 year old roastie, do you honestly think she's going to major in STEM? It's guaranteed to be something dumb like art because she's fucking stupid and lazy.

>tfw zero debt


Why cant they just deny ppl like her credit?
How stupid can you be to offer students of international vegan mythology a loan worth 1k+?

Is it like 2008? Do they bundle and tranch those fucking bags so they can sell them on shopping channel?

she can literally become a sugar baby and earn 100k+ a year sucking an old guy's dick once a week

this, my guess is insta-hoe who posted a drug/alcohol pic

Uh, violating the contract first and foremost. What fucking bullshit did she do to owe them money? The rest could be sorted by a sudden take of personal responsibility.

and you thought your shitcoins were bad?

this, chances are no one on plebbit gave her this advice without being permabanned though

We need to find out exactly how she breached her contracts, and then troll other low to mid level "influencers" into doing the same thing.

>$30k in credit card debt @ 20-25%

RIP in piece

She made one stupid mistake and fucked herself. It happens when you're 22. I thought Veeky Forums was all about taking big calculated risks to make money? Why the hate for an entrepreneurial young woman had real cash flow doing something interesting and fun? I'm 100% sure that's better than 95% of the bottom feeders who browse here, so I guess that plus the fact that she's a woman is where the bitterness and hate is coming from. It's not even like she's a suddenly broke whore leeching off of a man.

She is doing mental gymnastics around what she did to get blacklisted so she can pretend to be a victim.

Roastie logic

low effort bait. her debt has nothing to do with her work. she took that on to live above her means, a crucial error in anyone's finances.

*tips fedora*

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>rent: 2500
>i want to live in a nice condo downtown what do you mean i can't afford it?

>student loans: 26,000
>dropped out sophomore year
>paid ~$20k per year for kike brainwashing

>credit card debt: $30,000 at 25% APR

>owes $15,000 to brand
>spend majority of the 15,000 on "new items"
this means she constantly buys stupid bullshit like gucci bags and whores herself out on instagram to try to get gucci to "sponsor" her

you know who else "sponsors" these whores? dubai princes. i bet she's too ugly to be accosted by a saudi prince to shit in her mouth for $20k TOP LMAO

>my parents and boyfriend hate me past the point of helping me
lmao they probably told this dumb bitch not to try to be a instawhore "model" and she went psycho on them


women. not even once.


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Everyone should get a degree goy. Here, you can have a loan from my fine estabilishment.

>low effort bait. her debt has nothing to do with her work
Yes it did you dumb faggot. She had to pay her way to get in the position to make interesting posts. Yes initially this involves taking on debt, and yes credit cards were probably her only option.

Some one post the pic of the roastie with the sign complaining how she will never be able to afford to pay back her 80,000 student loans. Why do roasties love college so much? And why do they have no concept of ROI? They will gladly accumulate hugh debt without thinking about the earning potential of the degree at all. Then they pass this debt on to the patriarchy aka future husband and current father. So for the future husband you get a scenario where you have kids with this dumb roastie who can't cook, clean, or do anything useful but has extensive womyns studies knowledge. She then gets a low paying job working at a non-profit for some leftist cause that works towards increasing wasteful government programs. She makes a modest wage but she is gone all day doing "social conscious" things like making cutesy protest signs with sparkle paint and posterboard about Trump's penis size and knitting pussyhats so she isn't around to actively raise your offspring. This forces u as the future husband to pay for random, potentially pedos, to watch your kids while u and your "educated" wife both wage slave. But the kicker is that the childcare costs are more than what your roastie wife makes at her nonprofit. So you as the patriarchy are forced to pay for her student loans, and her salary by way of covering childcare costs. You are also forced to pay for a maid and food prep because "feminists" can't cook or clean. You also are at higher risk for divorce rape and financial ruin because every cock your wife encounters at work while you're not around is a cock you can't block, and guaranteed there will be thirsty cocks trying to fuck her even if she's ugly. And this is what "equal rights for roasties" looks like in $currentYear

I wanted a loan for Bitfinex funding which would 100% netted me profit unless Tether collapsed but the bank kikes refused. Yet they offer loans for financing a bigass NEW CAR or fucking BOAT

>buying dumb, frivolous garbage
>barely making ends meet even though you earn 7 kilos
>trash it all because you forgot about "no drug/alcohol/whorish pics" rule
"Calculated risk" my ass.

How can the patriarchy keep getting away with this blatantly predatory behavior?

>buy a shitload of shitty brand-named garbage and treat yourself like an advertisement to try to get the brands to sponsor your attentionwhoring on social media
>be too ugly to actually get sponsored
>oh no i'm $60k in debt at 20% interest i have no job and no friends
and you're white knighting her on an anonymous cartoon porn imageboard. top cuck.

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why are mgtow always right?

>I'm 100% sure that's better than 95% of the bottom feeders who browse here, so I guess that plus the fact that she's a woman is where the bitterness and hate is coming from
She's not reading your posts. She will not have sex with you for defending her.

Do you understand how being an influencer who is presponsorship works? She wasn't buying and expensive things and living where she was for shits and giggles. It was an investment she was breaking even on with the realistic hope that in the very near future she'd see a significant ROI.


Taking risks and being self-employed should be cherished upon. Her line of work (social media influencer) wasn't the most venerable, but at least she tried to do something herself independently.

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no i'm actually in that thread on reddit too.

I really don't find this funny. She just jumped on an opportunity that anyone else would have. I always feel sorry for someone who's struggling financially.

>It was an investment
try again, sweetie

second line still applies

as disgusting as people like this are and how much it is entirely their fault and they deserve no assistance, they aren't even the worst part. not by a long shot. the true blackpill here isn't that young people are now taking absurd financial risks to become self-made internet personalities in the pursuit of renting their personality to marketing companies after a certain desirability has been met. the true blackpill is that this is valuable in the first place, there is such a drought of independent thought and buying motivation among the general public that companies need to rent out the public personalities of individuals with a lot of social exposure. this actually makes them money to pay these human shells to parade their products around. the majority of people are dumb apes who can't think critically. I won't cry when this predictably fucked apparatus all comes crashing down. until then, thank god for the crypto bull run and Donald
J Trump.

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>She just jumped on an opportunity that anyone else would have
wrong. she wanted to live the instathot attentionwhore lifestyle posting selfies of herself while (((traveling))) and not even seeing the beaches for her phone in her face monitoring her likes.

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the fact that she cant get back to her parents/bf proves she was a roasty, no need to defend her.
And 30k on 25% interest instead of good cheep business loan.

i'm mgtow and i absolutely guarantee that i'm more Veeky Forums than you while you're white knighting attentionwhore roasties on an anonymous futanari gif imageboard

Yeah you sound like one.

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>business loan
that would require her to do any work besides going shopping for expensive things she likes to whore on faceberg.

if he was real he would know women cannot sexually fail

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>complains about empty people getting paid money to parade worthless garbage socially harmful products around
>unironically worships Trump

you have very little self awareness

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>everyone who isn't fooled by the roast is fat
top fucking cuck mate. i bet you're skinnyfat and think you're better than the fatshits

soyboys get triggered by the mere mention of donnie boy lmao

All of that is gonna implode someday.


Then post her this link to the topic.

>h-haha you must be triggered to point out my double standard!

white knighting a dumb and ugly failed instawhore is more pathetic than mgtow by far, lad

go back to r*ddit


roastie getting toasty

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>le newfag playing the reddit card in pathetic attempt to pull rank
i voted for trump but crying about empty consumer culture while praising a guy who shilled burger king in commercials is retarded

celebrity endorsement is entirely different than this stealth social marketing

>investing tens of thousands of dollars in a shilling business on credit card debt
No sympathy
Shills get blood spill
Roasties get toasty

I honestly don't know what is worse.
>salty virgins bitching about le roasty
>getting into debt to buy stupid shit and flaunt it on social media
Degenerates, each and everyone of you.

you're trying too hard. please lurk for at least a week before posting

why doesn't anyone care about what she did that violated her contract? That's the only interesting discussion point other than the usual misogyny and pc police

How did she breach the contract? And WHY?


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this whole thread smells like represed incels trying to get at some roastie

thats a little childish for the dude to not communicate desu

Sorry, too risky. What if you actually make money? No, we can't afford that. A liberal arts degree, yes? Yes, that would be perfect for you. Think of the possibilities! You could be making bank in 5 years. Only 80k a year (plus tip of course).
Yes, that would be great. Such a good go...student!

>white knighting a demonstrably stupid and ugly failed instawhore on an anonymous cartoon porn imageboard
>calling others pathetic

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yea women will fuck anything but are incapable of love like a man, just the straight truth

I think it's more that their value is inherent whereas a male needs to earn value, a NEET woman is just a housewife.

Same garbage with a different veneer. Built on the same premise of social proof to sell you shit you don't need.

>breaking even
>30k @ 25% APR

anime poster
your life isn't worth much user

You're basically just a nigger

>anime poster
back2reddit, newfag

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Neat I don't care. Just bc the Op was written by a woman doesn't make that the topic of discussion unless you're trolling. Trolling is normal here but Plebbit are huge soy boy douches if they don't even care why she violated her contract either.

>What ugly guys actually think

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Post the one where the roastie dumps a guy for not being materialistic and then goes apeshit when she finds out he owns land that brings in millions of oil royalties.

>anime poster
this is an anime website newfag

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wrong, its biological

>anime poster

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Dumb weebs lmao

dumb mutt blows herself out

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The most retarded concept I've ever heard. A friend of mine is an "influencer" on instagram but she got to that level organically by increasing her followers and having companies come to her. That is how it should be done. The dumbass in op's post wanted to be an internet whore like the rest of them even though she did not organically develop the notoriety so she had to pay her way to get there. Which is 100% retarded. Women make terrible businessmen. And the fact that her family or boyfriend won't help shows that she has probably leeched off them for too long and they are done with her. They have probably wasted thousands on her. Not to mention her credit card debt is beyond autistic.

Every post of yours is cringe as fuck. You need to stay on ledit, no one here is going to give you internet whore points.

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anime website

I'm sorry some girl hurt you user. But if it has happened repeatedly, it's probably you.

damn right

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That one always bothered me because the guy was jew levels of tightwad. I get not being materialistic and being frugal, but being overly cheap is annoying. Also, if you're planning on being with someone for the foreseeable future, you can be up front that you have enough money to not have to work and provide for yourself and any family you may have without divulging how much money you actually have. Anyway, I think it was just a neckbeard LARP anyway.