[AUS] I need serious advice re. Uni

Hi Veeky Forums,
Coming here since I have no one else.
I've always been the sort of kid that never did any work in school but I still managed to graduated with a 75 atar (top 25%) in 2013. It could have been alot higher had I applied myself, but I'm a lazy shit with parents who have always spoiled me and never made me work for anything(shouldn't be blaming parents, as it's not entirely their fault).

So I start uni the next year(no gap year) in 2014 doing commerce(accounting major). Having never tried throughout school, the same thing just carried over to Uni and I failed 5 units and only just passed 3.

The next year in 2015, and right around the time I started getting addicted to vidya, I failed 7 units and passed 1(thought i might do some last minute study and go to the exam and got lucky). Its around this time I should mention that Australia has a system(which I don't know nearly enough about it than I should), for Uni debt that you don't need to pay back until you earn a certain amount per year. So never once did I even consider the money I was wasting.

The next year in 2016 I had enrolled for another 8 units but didn't go to any classes or do any study. I was so stupid/immature that I didn't even withdraw from the units, as I kept gelignite myself I will do some work tomorrow, but then tomorrow would come and I would say the same thing to myself.

2017 they put me on a 1 year suspension and now fast foward to 2018, 4 years of uni and not even 1 year passed.

Is it even worth continuing my course. I feel like I am more mature now, and finally realizing how much I fucked up, and I do want to continue with the course. But is it even worth it at this point? (Haven't even added up how much my student loans are as I am fucking disgusted in myself)

Any advice will be appreciated.

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You're a fucking failure

I finished high school the same year as you, instead of going to uni I got an apprenticeship as an electrician.

You fucked up. just go work at McDonald's

I know I fucked up mate, I'm looking for serious advice.

Where are you from?
Seeing as apparently life is too hard for you to live successfully by yourself, I will be your mentor.

Been there bro but not as costly.

You will fall into same habits unless tou actively work on the studying habits you lack. This is what i learned. Maturity only helps you to see why you need to do it.

So learn how to study. Do you go to the gym? If you are consistent with that figure out how you can transfer it to uni work. Setting time aside each day to do just a little bit is best, even if you still end up crunching at the end you will have much less to do.

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do you want to be an accountant? some earn serious money. What do you want to do? If you go back will you slack again or will you apply yourself? you are at an age where these 4 years mean little (apart from the student debt) but if you qualify the debt will be little in respect of your earning power. Treat this as a lesson learned

Yeah - finish uni - work your arse off - get a good GPA and weasel your way into one of the big 4 - you'll be set for life

you post screams reddit
go back please

You need to get a job. Once employed start looking for a real job in your area of interest and work your way up from the bottom. You fucked up and uni isn’t for you right now.

Thank you for the serious advice. I know that if I start studying again I will have to be seriously committed to it.

The worst thing is, I don't even know if I want to be an accountant. I don't know what I want to do, and I don't know how to find out what I want to do. Although what you said about them 4 years meaning little at this age has given me some sort of relief. Thank you and I will seriously consider what you said.

The problem is my results for each of the subjects I have passed is around a 50/100 for each, and I have about 20 units failed. I don't even know how this will affect my GPA. I honestly don't even know if would be a better idea completely switching unis. These are things I need to find out, thank you for this.

Cut your losses. Don't fall for a sunk cost fallacies.

This ^^
Good habits and bad habits are both habits. Pick up some good habits.
I'm also wondering how your 'activities of daily life' are. Do you wear fresh clothes every day? Brush your teeth? Take a shower a few times a week? Comb your hair? Get that stuff down also.
Good habits will change your brain.


He can do both. Thats what i did. I fked up my pre uni year 1 and dropped to work for 3 years. Got back but still didn’t have study habits. Continuously workong and improving my study habits has fixed it

If Accounting is still what you want to do you should knuckle down and finish it. It's a non-meme skill and will still be valued for a long time. Don't worry about your student debt at the moment, you only have to pay it back if you earn over 54k.

If you fall back into old habits when trying to study once again then you should ditch it, get any full time job anywhere and work your way up. I'm assuming you are 21 or 22 at the moment but you probably feel older cause you are comparing yourself to your peers. The reality is you are still young as fuck and still have more than enough time to make up for wasted years.

Hey thank you for this mate. Yeah I am 22, and seeing school friends that I don't assoicate with these days that graduating last year is really hard to cope with. But as you said, I do try not to look at things that way.
Thank you for the advice.

I will watch this video, thanks.

Its true. Once I became a regular at wotking out 4 to 5 times a week and never skip, i was eventually applying that consistency to other areas of life. Grooming included. It adds up and definitely makes you feel a lot better in general.

Consistency is key to everything in life

You'll be fine man, at your age you can afford to waste a few years. I'm 31 and am fucking sick of working in the area that I am and want to change, but it's getting too late for me.

I went through the same thing, although my ATAR was 95+, 75 is shit tier.

Same story, was doing commerce too, failed so many units and wasted 2.5 years of uni, was barely attending, had no friends, was playing counter strike 12 hours a day to fill the void in my life. Complete loser suicidal tier.

Dropped out, worked full time for about 6 months until I got my head clear. Went back to uni in a different degree this time (IT), so basically a fresh start, and within just a few years I was on 6 figures and my life was completely different.

You can turn things around OP but you gotta take responsibility for yourself. Go completely cold turkey on video games, literally sell/give away your steam account, uninstall every game you have. That's what I did and I've never gone back, haven't wasted time on that bullshit now and it's the best thing I ever did. It's the only way to overcome your lack of self-control. Shit is worst than alcohol addiction.

Secondly, take time out to figure out what you're actually interested in and where you want to go. The cold hard fact is that accounting is boring as fuck. Who the fuck really wants to be an accountant and sift through 1000+ page books of bullshit accounting standards. They're pumping out thousands of accountants a year, I can't think of a more soul destroying boring job. Go do something interesting.

OP, 75 atar isn't top 25%. The lowest you can really get is 40. An atar in the 70s is very low and will not even get you entry into arts at a go8 uni. You were never cut out for uni. Go into a trade mate.

I did two years of an engineering degree and barely past anything, then switched to medical science and just coasted through. sort of planned to do med but cbf. did a masters of neuroscience and don't want to really do anything (that currently exists) related to my courses. probs about 90k in debt to it but i've started my own business with the missus and have been doing well of crypto so i'm just trying to made it that way.
honestly dude, uni is a joke. go travel, go doofing, check out life and see if you can find something you're passionate about and just follow that.

Don't even worry about the loans dude. There is no interest, they are fixed to inflation only. It's free money, so take it.

The best way to think about the cost of study (in Aus) is that you are simply paying a toll in order to be part of the educated class and have access to decent jobs. Sure it sucks to pay a toll, but it's the price of having access to a better life in the future.

Also you need to decide what you want in life and then take it. Nobody is going to hold your hand now that you are an adult. If you need to get this degree, then put your big boy pants on and just do it. When you start to make excuses you just become like every other failure. Set some good habits like the other anons said, go to the gym between study sessions, and go for it.

It's your life user, nobody is going to make it good except for you.

Also stop playing vidya so much it's just artificial dopamine, which has probably ruined your reward pathways

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You sound very similar to myself regarding the video game addiction. I have recently given it up cold turkey, and my life is already starting to turn around. Although I do worry that even if I give up video games, I will just resort to other things such as browsing Veeky Forums all day or some shit like that.

And I went into accounting because my old man was an accountant and I never really thought about what i wanted to do, but you are right. I can not see myself enjoying sitting in an office going over numbers all day(however I know I would be able to). IT is something I know I'm interested in, and I have even considered switching to an engineering course.

Not knowing what I want to do is really fucking me over, as I really don't want to waste any more time.

OP you need to speak to a career councillor or the head of your school department. At very least talk to a professor.
They will ultimately want to help you, they can advise on how to best fix your GPA and get a job placement.

Don't take advice from anons. Talk to someone at your uni who knows the ins and outs.

I plan to go in this week

Also, if you do think about uni again make sure you switch unis to reset your GPA. Check out the whirlpool education forum too it has heaps of threads from tards like you seeking advice. You can still make it if you seriously redesign your whole attitude to study and switch unis but nowhere will hire you with your 0 GPA of you stay at your current one

good luck getting into a go8 uni
>got a 98.75
>smd lol

I didn't need a good atar, and living in a rural place and a few other things boosted it way higher than I even needed for this course. But good job on your 98.75.

I wish I could go back in time and do it over again.

damn youre too nice i was trying to make fun of you.
well good luck i guess lol.
my advice for uni: do your readings week to week, do NOT let them pile up. pay attention to the small assessments like quizzes which can make up 15 or 20% of your total grade, theyre basically free marks.
good luck

i'm in Brisbane

Pls respond

get some money and see the world

use workaway.info/

I recommend you bring a backpack worth of stuff only

Go find yourself before you do things other people kept forcing on you your whole life


Procrastination is an absolute killer and I wasted many years of my life because of it. But there are ways to manage it, go make it your mission to read books about time management and productivity. Seriously you may even have to go cold turkey on your computer & Internet entirely, and just rely on public libraries for access to PCs. It's amazing the amount of time you can reclaim that way.

Not knowing what you want to do is fine, and it's why I recommend dropping out (your GPA is already fucked so no point of continuing), and taking 6 month to a year, maybe even more, to really think about what you'd be good at and interested in. Try and get an entry level job in that a field that you may be interested in, just to get a taste of it. Talk to people in that job to find out what it's really like.

It's very hard to know in your early 20s. Worse case scenario if you just can't take control of your time, just join the army. Whatever you may think about them, they'll drill good habits into you and you'll instantly have camaraderie. You won't even have the option to procrastinate.

OP are you me? Seriously though in 2015 I did the same thing (only did 2 years though then I quit that school) I was to immature and thought I could breeze by like I did in high school. I ended up going back to a different University this year and starting over (didn't transfer any credits) now I have a 3.92 GPA and I'm the top student in my class for my major (I would say what that major is but it would 100% give away where I study). Anyways long story short, as long as you are studying for a degree that will pay good in the future it is worth it. If you go for something like psychology or women's studies then you should just fuck off.

BTW OP, don't worry about your mates who will be graduating whilst you're starting over. I used to feel the same way, but I'm doing so much better than all of them now it's comical.

Get into a field that's in-demand and that you're good at. Get really good at networking, interviews and writing your resume. After your first job they'll never even ask about your GPA, hell I don't even think they asked me for my first job. It's mostly about who you know and how good you are at bullshiting your way through HR.

Making 500k/yr?

welder lol

Don't become an accountant.

Start your own business or you will be miserable like everybody else except you have less practice at it because you have been chilling for so long.

Also, working for somebody else sucks shit and will never make you anything like wealthy. The meme that says you need experience before going it on your own is bullshit grandpa advice because today we have computers so getting knowledge is a 10 minute pursuit vs. a 10 year pursuit back in the day.

Start a business, live frugally, and save money for when the housing market crashes.

Then buy a property outright or with little debt and rent it out.

You also obviously keep growing your business and potentially start other businesses that have a good cash flow.

Do this until the end of your days and you will be happy, healthy and rich.

>asking a moron who ended up as a school career councillor for advice on important, life-changing decisions

Forget about classes, cramming is all that matters, just take a week before exams to go in every day and copy out the lecture notes for half a unit per day. If this doesn't work you are retarded and need to attend class.

I wouldn’t worry about ATAR
, it is the absolute fucking worst competency measurement.
On another note, Commerce is a meme degree. If you are not good at CAS then don’t even bother.

I think you lack both common sense and time management. If you were too thick and ignorant to see that you were struggling (LITERALLY PP) then you don’t belong at University. Fuck me, I don’t even know what a PP would bring your GPA down to.

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Also we all know commerce is piss easy, you're going to have a rough time with so much failure on your transcript, your average has gone to shit. Change uni and select something more focused that at least sounds hard, smash it out in straight sets and come up with some faggot excuse for your 4 years of fucking around, pretend you traveled HR will like

You’re going to get advice from a lot of assholes here just trying to bring you down to their level, similar to reddit in fact but with a different angle. Your job right now is to find the diamonds in the rough and don’t get too down after reading “kill yourself” for the 100th time

My advice is what I did

Is this what you did? I think someone in OP’s position is likely unable to apply your advice successfully

Op are you me? Very similar trajectory, but mine was from ADHD and abusing drugs. Got involved in gangs and just generally was around bad people. Dropped out after 3 years of passing 5 units. Worked telemarketing and almost killed myself after 2 years of the most depressing shit ever.

Friend had some LSD and dropped 4 tabs and just had an epiphany. Reentered Uni age 22, spent 6 years doing my B Psychology and Masters, and another 2 PhD. Now employed at one of the top Psychology think tanks drawing 150k p.a at age 31. You can do it. Don't give up

desu i finished uni but all I was really getting at is that even failing at starting a business and having to go on the dole/work in a non-career job before trying again is far superior to signing up to slave away for years at a career that very likely wont even exist in 40 years.

IMO it stunts your development as a human bean

>Mfw 93 atar
>Economics at Monash
>Smoke weed every weekend
>85% average in courses
>Good family connections
>Graduate position in Risk Analysis lined up at Macquarie
>Contemplating declining it to go get my masters

Also anything below an 80 ATAR is horseshit.
Also accounting is fucking cancer.

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I also want to add that the earlier you try to make it on your own the better. As you get older you have family commitments, mortgage to pay, all things that require a steady income so you can't take the risk.

When you are young and especially if you are OP you have nothing to lose, nobody relying on you, nothing. You can risk it all over and over again and if you fails you will be no worse off + you will be gaining valuable experience.

I would wager that anyone who tries this method will find success in 5 years at the absolute maximum.

If you work a 40k a year job you take home about 35k a year. If you are like OP and have the incredible advantage of living at home then you can have 3-4 proper attempts per year at creating a business with a steady income stream. Over 5 years you can crank out 15-20, with a high likelihood one will actually work - especially if they are properly planned.

Congrats you can go max out your earnings at 150-200k a year and qualify to get a 30 year mortgage on a $1.2million home, which is actually an average piece of shit in any major city.

So your life will end up being wasted so you can have 1 property. Or you might use equity in that property to buy more properties and end up losing it all with even the slightest increase in interest rates.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I have a lot of thinking/improving to do. Goodnight all.