Guys I think BTC will unironically NEVER be below 8000 again

Guys I think BTC will unironically NEVER be below 8000 again
It already tried to dump below it three times since G20 but it was just completely rejected. A triple bottom if you will.

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yup + massive bullflag just waiting for new g20 news from todays meeting to break the fuck out again

a triple bottom is super bearish though

if it goes down to the previous low again we'll be lucky if it stays above 5k this time


Clise tgat short already faggot

>a triple bottom is super bearish though
under what retarded TA clown logic is a double bottom bullish but a triple bottom is bearish?

wouldn't a triple bottom just prove that the support at the bottom is extremely solid?

do you fags even test your own patterns or are you just flipping coins

you guys are about to get suckered if you think g20 isn't already priced in.

your gonna shit yourself if you think thats the only news coming out of a 3 day meeting lmao fag


what else would there be?
they just said it wasnt a threat and crypto is fine, thats literally all they can say

thanks for your input bro its appreciated


you retard thats what the fsb said in advance

the meeting started 1 hour ago at 9 am argentina time there WILL be news

lol bit optimistic but okay

You, your mum and your dad are "triple bottoms".

It has yet to retest 6k$. Don't delude yourselves, it has to go down again. This pump is only delaying the next bull run.

nope. 7.6k was the new 6k confirming uptrend
it will never go to 6k ever again

>it HAS yet to retest 6k
>it HAS to go down again

it doesn't have to do anything based on what YOU think

Let's see your puts then. How much money will you make when it 'retests' 6k?

what about 7k tho?


Fucking idiot it's just TA and what X should and should not do to achieve Y.

There are no absolutes, we formed a double bottom and this time it wasn't the same bottom as it was on February 6th.

It's crazy how fast you bearfags forget the one thing you always say about past not being proof of future when people say that we will reach ATH eventually just look at the history.

>he still is bullish on BTC when the Tether boil has yet to be lanced

top fucking lel

*checks 3 month moving average*

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Bulls bout to catch a fuckin meat cleaver on the way down

A double bottom shouldve indicated the reversal. If there is a triple bottom, it's because the breakout/reversal failed, and the downtrend should continue.