-PowH3D Beginner Thread-

-PowH3D Beginner Thread-

>What is PowH3D?: PowH3D is a new decentralized financial platform which pays you dividends whenever someone buys or sells the token. This allows you to earn a passive income in cryptocurrency without the stress of the market condition. Even in a bear market, PowH3D token holders are earning money.

>But that sounds like a ponzi scheme: Well, actually it's not because there are no fraudulent payouts. PowH3D is meant to run sustainably, and because there's no human interaction with the smart contract, there's absolutely no risk of ever losing funds, exit scam, etc. Even if the website goes down, the contract will continue to run to generate you dividends.

>That sounds cool, but what if everyone starts selling once I join?: Actually, you would earn dividends on all of the people selling, so you would be making a nice profit. The system actually encourages people to exit and re-enter the contract, generating more revenue for all the people involved.

>Is the contract safe? The contract survived two hackathons and has been audited and tested by several known community members. We invite you to try to hack us, please.

>How much can I earn? In the last 48 hours, you could have earned around 4-5% in dividends and doubled your capital. There has been exponential growth recently as prominent Youtubers have just started shilling it. It is still in stealth mode and early to get in, however. Bitconnects market cap was $1 billion before they exit scammed, and currently the market cap of Pow3HD is $500,000. Meaning, if we can capture the market cap of bitconnect, you would be able to see returns of 2000x, within one or two years if all goes as planned.

>So it's just a ponzi scheme? Nope, PowH3D is actually an infrastructure play. We are building several decentralized applications on top of PowH3D, including one that we really believe is going to revolutionize blockchain itself.

>How do I join? You can visit www . powh . tk to sign up.

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so incredibly stupid

Pajeet scam? Been seeing a lot of this lately
>>muh nature pyramid

Oh absolutely. That's why it's brilliant.

I have this cow, I'm looking to buy some magic beans, please.

>>muh pyramid is already mature
>>muhh buy my bags I want dividends I have strong hands in never selling
>>muh here is a secret redirect to give me 3% of your transaction and future transactions for life
>>muhh life dividends, normie adoption

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You disgusting and pathetic little soyboy don't even understand that you cannot lose any more at this point, right?

If you buy in for 1 ETH and literally everyone sells, you make profits.

All you weak handed motherfuckers have to do is hold your hands still and not sell.

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desu why am I even getting angry at Veeky Forums faglets anymore. there is ETH coming in every few minutes, you are not needed anymore Veeky Forums, the ride will continue with or without you fucking neets

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Man the ethpyramid fudders are upset tonight, get over it. Powh is more than a simple eth pyramid ponzi. This is still a ground floor and you know it. Just pull out of that dead project and get in before you regret it

lol thats so not true. you end up with about 0.2 ETH if you do this. get a grip

Oh wow, that's some nice math. How'd you end up with your number?

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kys you worthless piece of garbage

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Yo, my dude. (you probably know who this is cuz of my type pattern) don't bother with Veeky Forums. We tried to save them from their eternal pink wojaks, but they didn't listen, they won't listen. Even though there's not disproportionate bias towards early investors, they're gonna choose to stay poor. They don't deserve us.

>>muh buy my bags
>>muh these bags have gold!
>>muh gold is a meme
>>muh do you even alchemy?

>tried to tell Veeky Forums at 240
>tried to tell Veeky Forums at 400
>tried to tell Veeky Forums at 600
>tried to tell Veeky Forums at 800
-->YOU ARE HEREtelling Veeky Forums at 1000

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t. homosexual

>fast i need money

you get fooled by angles and lordosis posing

if trevon is all over it, it must be good shit. right guize?


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Say what you will about Trevon, but he had a good sense for making money with all his lending shit he's been marketing in the past. And if the cease&desist hadn't happened, who knows if BCC would've pulled through with their new exchange and made him a multimillionaire.

trevon, good sense?


He made cash out of it, didn't he?

I bet he's going to enjoy prison.

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>moving goalposts
heh, that's just what I expected of you lot. stay salty.

OP here, I'm here to actually address concerns and questions regarding PowH3D's sustainability, trustworthiness. I want to know, if you haven't invested: Why?

Get your scam out of here. Your logo is a literal pyramid. It has been going on for more than 3 weeks, so it is to late to get on here. Your whole discord is you guys organizing to get more. your website has gifs and shit to actually shill. leave

We went from 400 eth to 800 eth in the contract just yesterday. This thing is hitting the mainstream, man. We are going BEYOND Veeky Forums, into the coinmarketcap top 100.

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Powh .net


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learn math

Those knees


so how about this:
you enter with any amount of money
nobody else enters
nobody exits
now your money is locked and unavailable to you unless you give up on 20%

only way to lose ETH is if no one ever buys, sells, or reinvests. Not very likely.

everything comes to an end and so will this
somebody's got to be the last one
40% of people will lose money on this

If those 40% have weak hands, sure.

and if they don't, they lose 100% of their money instead of 80%

Fair enough. I've thrown some in to see what happens, so wish me luck. Good luck in your own investments, too.

i'm in since P3D was like 0.0022 ETH
but peanuts
already up, will let it stay there forever, return in a year or so to check on it, maybe sometimes reinvest the dividends
good luck to you too

>if you haven't invested: Why?

I'm not concinved that the contract is unhackable and I'm in no position to "check it myself" and be sure.

There's only a limited amount of loose-change ETH lying around that people will be willing to GAMBLE on a transparent zero-sum pyramid scheme.

It's risky enough buying into shitcoin pumps, let alone into pumpcoin pumps. Yes I "should have" got in three weeks ago or whatever, but that doesn't always mean I should get in today, sadly.

Feeling strong fomo, though, make no mistake.

Would anyone share a referral link so I can buy in too?

Help a poor kid out...

Just purchased some p3d for 0.5 eth, now HODL time :D

it's not necessary to use a referral link

that's great user! now kill yourself :) :DD

have you seen this ? 2xmachine.surge.sh/

need more people to get it moving and everyone will double thank me later

Powh is killing it. closing in on 1k by the hour. I predict we see 5k in a few weeks. whales havent entered, reddit hasnt entered, youtube shills only just starting.

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yep its buy and forget if you like, come back in a year to see the divs alone have made the investment. But its better to reinvest all divs.

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Nice free .tk domain. Fuckin top kek