Ari talks about SGX few hours ago


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Ops 1:34:07 Ari SGX talk

Link posts seem to cycle between shilling --> despair --> shilling --> despair --> ...

Truly a great coin.

LINK is a mess.

Thanks for this, OP. Paralysis proofs are fucking cool.

link is the best gf
the rollercoaster gf
the gf that makes you truly feel alive

also this shit:

>tfw you worry she's cheating on you but stalk her at the local fish market buying your favorite fish but you still worry so you tap her phone and find her talkin bout how much she luv u

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This is a new level of delusion. We cannot not make it at this point.

No one cares.

the gf that makes you carry her heavy ass bags. LINK holders are cucks.

so you're saying we're ganna mak it? yay

My hands are calloused from holding this shit. I don’t even feel them anymore.

Thanks! I was waiting for this since yesterday

Here's what he said about oracles
>Most oracles don't provide strong security assurances. You rely on the oracle provider to ensure data has not been tampered with. In a system called Town Crier, we've implemented an application for an oracle that runs inside a trusted execution environment. The consequence is that you don't have to trust the operator.... you only need to trust the hardware.
>Privacy problem: we can leverage the confidentiality properties of trusted executed environments. Can encrypt details under Town Crier and decrypt through Town Crier and indicate to the smart contract whether it should execute
>Town Crier is a public service on the ETH mainnet
>First public application to use SGX

where i can buy this town crier? i sell my links asap

wtf he didnt mention the oracle problem or chainlink at all
d-d-d-did sergey make it up? were we all tricked?

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That's not what I wanted at all

Why? Towncrier is partnered with link, this is the kind of security implementation we can expect

Is Town Crier partnered with any other Oracle companies?

because you're a brainlet


link is a good idea but its just too early for smart contracts to matter to the rest of the world. its like investing in asteroid mining and shitposting about it all day every day as if its going to moon anytime soon

Town Crier has developed the solution for LINK. Ari is the guy working on it and he's the one who co-wrote Chainlink whitepaper.

True, I plan to hold for at least 2 years anyways.

ah so that's why eth didn't moon yet and is still hovering around less than a dollar

tech doesn't have to be fully done and implemented before it moons.

ETH was also used to fund ICO's though

and LINK will be used for sick passive income once the main net is released in a few months.

Do you plan to use linkpool?

You can see Sergey walk in at 1:37:22

Have you ever heard of speculation my dude?

Also, getting in on something early is how you get fucking rich. If you wait until its a sure bet or already proved itself, you're too late.

Investing is a risk.

Holy shit does he wear any other shirt?

At this point I'm starting to think he's doing it just to play with us lol

We love you Sergey

Ripple's barely moved past PoCs with little solid evidence it will ever go further than that yet it's #3. If testing moves forward with swift and others that's all it will need to explode.

That was a nice job by Ari. LINK is going to be big.