Is this a good investment?

Is this a good investment?

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I prefer to invest in acorns.


Probably safer than most coins atm
For the love of god just don't get into link

At least it's not a better investment than many other coins with orgainc reasons to grow.

You'll be too late when Western Union announces xRapid production.

There is no question or discussion - XRP is the next Bitcoin and everyone knows this, while not everyone agrees.

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if you love pump and dumps - because ripple isnt more. but you can make a shitload of money with it buying it at the bottom

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It is one of the only cryptos with a real world use-case.

in addiotion if you compare it with some others that have a very stable trend ( sideway up. )

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An easy 2-5x over the course of the upcoming 6 months.
All you need is to buy and hold, no daytrading needed. Something most anons on Veeky Forums should prefer in order to not get burnt

Nano has free and instant transactions. Why would I buy ripple over nano.

because XRP is being used by real companies and Nano is not

Pathetic shill.

Looking at BTC-chart value during a market where BTC was stupidly overvalued, USD XRP chart stayed flat the whole time - moon was imminent.


Cause Ripple, unlike Nano, has NEVER had a bug or transaction problem or double spending, has an actual team of good developers, real active customers and a future.

XRP is 3 seconds (compared to 2. much difference, wow) and the fee for XRP is non-existent.

It's a no-brainer for anyone who isn't functionally retarded.

Ripple network is not the XRP token

>because companies are using a shitcoin that doesn't have free or instant transactions.

Great, so companies are using an old shitcoin. Still doesn't explain why ripple is better than Nano.

Source on double spending. inb4 bitgrail. That wasn't double spending. If it was it would have been replicated many times by now.

2 seconds? Nano is literally instant unless you have third world internet and has working wallets on Android, ios, windows, Linux, osx, and it's not even a year old.

What problem does nano solve?
Are there companies actually testing/ using it?
If so, nano might have some success down the line. But they need to install them selves. Do they fit into some compliance related rules that might be important? It is obvious that 2018 will be the year of REGULATION. It doesn’t matter if useful or not to some extent. What IS important is the fact that regulation is inevitable. So projects need to adopt if they don’t want to be left behind. Simple as that.
Xrp is around for years, ripple has an growing list (one bank per week) of customers.

It's self-explanatory. Don't try to convince pajeets.

>Cause Ripple, unlike Nano, has NEVER had a bug or transaction problem or double spending, has an actual team of good developers, real active customers and a future.
> nano doobl spand, me bomber, me exchange perfect

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What would ripple's endgame look like and why do banks want it so badly?

it's not just a bad investment, it's an outright scam, fully premined with devs holding 80% of supply convincing gullible pajeets to buy into with LARP partnerships, can't wait until devs dump leaving norman bagholders suiciding

educate yourself

literally pajeet tier fud
what do you think will happen to the value when the rest of supply gets unlocked?
what is a law of demand and supply amirite?

what fud about that XRP itslef hold all the remaining coins?

red the xrp blog: fucktard

This is correct, dont invest in XRP in the end they will only take aways your BTC or other valuable coins and leave you with scammy XRP tokens..

die poor retard

I just went all in, wait for Moneygram and Westerunion to start using xrapid. Price will pump back to 2$

more like 5

Such a soyboy :P worth the pity :)

What's wrong with link?

Fidget spinner fad is over, you should look for something new

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XRP / xRapid Diagram

XRP Compared to other Crypto

Companies Using XRP:

David Schwartz comments on how higher XRP price would help Ripple‏-comments-on-how-higher-xrp-price-would-help-ripple/

XRP is blockchain technology.
XRP is not centralized, anyone can run validator server:
XRP price is not fixed by anyone not even banks or Ripple Co.
XRP is a coin used to transport value over the Internet, specifically over the blockchain network, same as any other coin.
There is a limited amount of XRP amount premined around 100B.
In order for the banks to use XRP, fast payments with literary 0 costs they will need to purchase XRP for their reserves from Ripple Co at market price.

XRP diagram explained:
The orange box is a xRapid software that automates exchange of fiat to XRP a current exchange rate.
Whenever customer wants to send fiat, bank takes this fiat and exchanges it for XRP at current exchange rate,
XRP is sent over the blockchain to destination, at destination XRP amount is converted back to fiat.
All of this takes less than 3 seconds.

But muh jew coin:
Remember you are here to make money not for the moral that banks are evil, you are on Veeky Forums not /pol/.
If you think banks will go away anytime soon you are delusional retard.

But muh it's not moving:
XRP has gone up 30,000% last year, what do you mean is is not moving?!

But muh Ripple Co. can freeze your coins:
XRP CAN'T BE FROZEN BY ANYONE. Only IOUs/tokens can be frozen by the issuer.

This is the only coin that's changing the industry right now,
all others live on hype.

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It's a sinkhole

OP buy as much right now before we hit 5$ in June.

>Is this a good investment?

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Yes, once it returns to 0.2$ and after the next BTC bull run happens.