Calling out Vitalik

I bought 6k worth of GPUs last month. It calculated out to 300 days ROI. Now the reward is so low it's going to take over 1000 days. Fuck this I'm shutting off everything and not supporting your scam ponzi scheme until you fix this poverty level return.

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>he bought the top

Don't worry. That is why PoS is coming this summer. To eliminate greedy kikes like you.

lol you shoulda just bought ETH with the 6k what the fuck were you thinking

good because faggots like you shouldn'tt be able to make magical pixie funny money

This has to be a troll, right?

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What a fucking baby quit crying.

you're mining very wrong if your ROI is over a year

>calculating a year into the future
>in crypto

Bitmain announced asic's for ethhash and most likely they already use it themselves.
Also eth changes to pos.

Unironically mine monero btw.
Or something else.

the profit on 12 rx580s is 0.53/day on xmr.

You're wrong OP. Your actual ROI is infinite days.

>he bought into mining with a 10 fucking month ROI
are you fucking retarded? nobody that has a brain would even do that until the ROI is 3 months or less. which will never happen again.

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Try mining on minergate for a few days just don't use their pajeet software

minergate is utter shit man, use nicehash or winminer, wtf minergate is total fucking shit how on earth can you advise this kys.

I don't see you making better suggestions faggot.
Nicehash is dog shit so you should kys

Vitalyk here. Thanks for letting us know, will pump the price asap. Thanks again.

Lol what kind of hash are your 580's producing? Mine produce 650 each with no over clock.

>calculates ROI on static price instead of factoring in average price change intervals
Maybe you should run some more numbers OP.

>mining a top 10 coin