Insider here. Next month IBM is going to announce their first fully functionnal quantic computer...

Insider here. Next month IBM is going to announce their first fully functionnal quantic computer. Powerful enough to break the blockchain.
Sell now or enjoy your bags forever.

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What is a computers quantum and how much BTC does they cost?

It's a larp, but it will happen once

Already have a sample in test, just taking a look at satoshis wallet

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>insider here

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>sell now or enjoy your bags forever

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quantum resistant ledger

How are quatum pc destroy ing the blockchain

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Can confirm my dad is quantum

>search the block explorer for a rich address
>call getPrivateKeyForAddress( address);
>initiate transfer of the entire balance to your own wallet

The secure part about bitcoin is that the search for the private key of a random public address takes longer than the age of the universe (many times longer), with a quantum computer this could be done in seconds.

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>he thinks quantum computing will end crypto

Do you know how many possible combinations there are for each BTC private wallet key, OP? 16^64, or approximately 1.16 x 10^77. But that's just a number and a fancy exponent. That doesn't put into perspective how massive this number really is. So I'll write it out for you:


That's a big fucking number. Every 0 is an additional order of magnitude, in case you didn't remember that from middle school math. Would you like to know exactly how big the number is? You're about to find out.

We'll start with a hypothetical situation. You've just developed the world's most powerful computer and it literally runs on magic. Every second, your computer can guess and check the correctness of one billion private keys. You go back in time to the literal beginning of the universe and leave the computer behind, setting it to work cracking the key to Satoshi's wallet with the knowledge that when you return to the present day you'll find it's finished its job. "I'll be rich beyond measure!" you think. Wrong. The odds that your computer, performing one billion calculations per second over the fourteen billion year lifespan of the universe has cracked Satoshi's key is less than 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000005%. Maybe you got lucky. But you probably didn't.

Are you starting to understand, OP? The blockchain can't be broken. Numbers of this scale start to bend the laws of our reality. Even if you turned every grain of sand on Earth into a ten quadrillion-hertz supercomputer and let them guess keys for a hundred billion years, you wouldn't be within ten orders of magnitude of the number of guesses needed.

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16^64 = 2^256

This means you need 256 qubits at the same time and you are able to let them more or less "try" every combination at the same time. I know it's more complicated than that and probably takes a lot longer than I was exaggerating in my other post but you didn't even address quantum computing which is something entirely different than just a huge super computer.

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T. has no understanding of quantum computing

How was buying ripple at $4, ETH at $1300, and bitcorn at 17k retard?

no one fucking noticed OP misspelled quantum? ok

quantum computing is one of the biggest fucking memes out there. also, procedural cryptography is a thing

Should I also close my online banking, stop buying stuff from amazon or browsing Veeky Forums using https instead of http? Basically is ssl/tls kill?

90% of blockchain are done. Most $ will go back to bitcoin when it has the most quantum miners protecting it.

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If that were true they could take all the Bitcoin remaining in the world. Someone would have tried while it was in development too. Calling bullshit.