Why don’t the Corecucks understand Satoshi’s vision?

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Ahahahah are you okay user? Why do u think about roger so much?

Because Roger Verygay is the only one who has Satoshi vision, and people no like him. Makes me sad for Mr. Verygay

Youre absolutely obsessed. Look at the power he has over you. Sad

That’s the power of Satoshi vision. I can no longer control all of my erections.

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Cause neither shitcoins are "Satoshi's vision." You honestly think increasing the block size is ALL that encompasses Satoshi's vision?
You want to know what else is Satoshi's vision?
"If two developers can fork Bitcoin and succeed in redefining what 'Bitcoin' is, in the face of widespread technical criticism and through the use of populist tactics, then I will have no choice but to declare Bitcoin a failed project." — Satoshi Nakamoto
He's right and I agree. Bitcoin is a failed project.

Two developers is literally the people behind BCash. Too bad the failed to redefined BCash as Bitcoin. Bitcoin won (once again).

No, it didn't fucking win. How did Bitcoin (BTC) win if it's so sabotaged that you can't even use it as a CURRENCY anymore?
Not only do I agree with Satoshi that the whole Bitcoin project is a failure, but I also propose creating Bitcoin was a mistake. This shit is going to backfire on humanity BADLY, and there's nothing we can do to stop crypto because, as a whole, crypto gives into our greed.
And yeah, the only reason I'm still in crypto is to make money. "Investing" in crypto is all that is left in this industry, which is something that never should have been possible in the first place.

Bitcoin is cheap and fast as fuck again now that the mempool isn't spammed by the same idiots who are selling you BCash as the "solution".

You are fucking retarded if you think Bitcoin's value depend on how easy you can buy coffee with it anyway.

Satoshi Vision Conference in Tokyo this week and Craig is going to revel some new things about it all including his role as Satoshi

>7 teams
>2 people

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OP is obviously a bcore cuck himself

bcash > bcore

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Go to bed, Roger.

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>the same idiots who are selling you BCash as the "solution".
Who said bcash was the solution? I didn't say that. Bcash is a SCAMCOIN.
Anyway, yes it's true that the BTC mempool was spammed... but the spammers did BTC a favor by exposing how much of a shitcoin it really is. 200k transactions is nothing in this world, yet BTC couldn't handle that? And you EXPECT BTC to be adopted in the real world? It's only cheap and "fast as fuck (not really)" now because no one is using Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, as it should be—a CURRENCY.

I value Bitcoin as being a decentralized currency. I would expect to be able to buy coffee, or any item for that matter, with that currency. Too bad Bitcoin can hardly be considered a currency and it's barely decentralized these days.
In the end, Bitcoin didn't help the world at all. It became a rich man's playground. The whole premise of cryptocurrency now stems on being an early adopter. Only the early adopter is benefited and the late adopter is the sucker.
Bitcoin's legacy of being a currency is ruined, and spawned scamcoins (99.99% of cryptocurrencies) in the process. But scamcoins are potentially the least of our worries in the future. Once again, Bitcoin is a failed project.

When all you have is 2rd grader banter and lies, every neutral reader is becoming more attracted to BCH. Keep going

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pepper your angus, corecucks

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The corecabal is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a blockstream shill, rothchild cumdumpster, bootlicker, deluded redditor, it all runs off him like water on a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how we recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

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I thought the misc was cucked when it comes to BTC-BCH

>Muh Satoshi vision
This is shit going dump hard when nothing is announced.

>nothing is announced
Just from dev perspective:
>proper malleability fix which doesn't break the economic incentives that hold the security model
>even better difficulty adjustment algo
>Elliptic curve multiset hash for utxo optimization
>weak blocks
>even larger blocks and yet lower hardware requirements thanks to graphene
>canonical transaction order
>reactivated op_code-s, first step towards smart contracts on BCH

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I should sell all my Btrash for something less shit? Roger that

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Good luck finding anything less shit.
BCH and ETH are the only coins with actual value.

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Which facebook picture of yours did the artist use to draw that?