Nick Szabo, the man who coined the term Smart Contract...

Nick Szabo, the man who coined the term Smart Contract, and who is widely rumoured to be Satoshi since he set out a blueprint for decentralized internet money in the 90s with Bitgold, literally just went out of his way to follow Sergey Nazarov, Chainlink and Smart on Twitter.

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>went out of his way
Pressed a single button you mean?


This is one of the times where stinkies have actually earned some serious respect from me. Follows not endorsements tho.

someone wants to sell his bags

you mean three? in succession.

He is not Satoshi who is more than one person and he is not one of them.

lets see how long he keeps following once he realizes there is army of neckbeard autist losers following him that sperg out every time he posts a tweet destroying any opportunity at credibility

big if true

Responding to myself to add that I have a small LINK position, but saying that Nick Szabo is Satoshi is not true.

But it is not true.

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Sergey cucked himself to Ripple Labs. You better sell soon.

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LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be payed in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

But it is

Bitgold and bitcoin. Szabo had nothing to do with bitcoin? NS is SN you dummy. He created them both.

Also Steve Ellis.

We all know what this means, Veeky Forums. He wants to DM them.

Ofcourse same goes for every erc20 token but without erc20 tokens you can't raise 30 Million now can you?

No one is raising 30million anymore. That was the bubble

this pasta gets spammed all the time since yesterday by the same autist
just ignore

Tons of ICOs still raising such amounts, not sure if you're just clueless or trolling

This means nothing more than he wants to follow what they say since he's interested in the same space. Doesn't mean he thinks ChainLink is onto something.

Its a valid point though, there's no reason for LINK token to exist at all, same goes for every erc20 tokens. Its what makes them such terrible investments except when the general market just pumps whatever is on the market such as the bullrun last year.
Erc20 tokens are usefull for tokenizing company assets, streamlining inter-organisational transactions etc. they can be used for voting within a company for shareholders for example, thats all very usefull. Or acting as a placeholder for when the real token such as Universa does comes out. Utility tokens are a joke and nothing more than a way to raise money of ignorant people. The investors are lucky though because this market is generally consists of dumb money who can't really figure this out and thus it pumps.

Blockchain is so fucking niche and it doesn't really help for every company to have their own shitcoin that consumers/other companies must buy first before being able to access their services and products. Its fucking ridiculous and the most unfriendly business model I've ever seen.

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Look at CarVertical, their token is a way for consumers to get discounts on their services. You are litterly investing in the equivalent of supermarket coupons buying this token. Reason I got out on a 5x, the token isn't investable. Some companies aren't investable no matter how great they are. Some tokens aren't investable no matter how great the product/service behind it.

>S.N Szabo Nick
>S.N Sergey Nazarov
>S.N Satoshi Nakamoto

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>Activate quantum mortality

does anyone even know if Sergey can code?
We all know he can purchase a good web address with and we know he could hold his own in a McDonalds eating competition but can he even code??

Yes he can code

can code his timer on his microwave while heating up his 7th meal of the day?
or really code?

Yeah he can really code. Not sure if he's good cause I'm not a coder myself but I know he can code. If its decent/average/bad/good/terrific isn't up to me, but he can code and make a functioning product.

>not using the autists as a smoke screen from normies and nomonies
They're playing 8D quantum chess here, boys.

If he's not Satoshi, then the real Satoshi really likes his work.

Actually LINK is an ERC677 token which is a type of token that the team made specifically for the LINK token:

Wish he would write more articles about gold and other stuff. Guy writes well and makes shit interesting

Oh wow, still uses the Ethereum platform and uses Ethereum blockchain and thus its replacable for ETH.

Daily reminder for cashies.

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Satoshi Nakamoto came from Doiran guy that lived around the block from Hal Finney. Finney used it as the patsy name for the makers of bitcoin. The popular names associated with being Satoshi all were involved in some way or another with it's development and that's all I got to say about that. Since SHA256 was created by the NSA, it makes you wonder if bitcoin was designed by the deep state. I think someone on the team worked for the NSA at one point and left. Another plot twist is Edward Snowden being involved.

this is big

Satoshi checked out chainlink and thought what he saw (github/code) was legit. This is big guys. This guy knows this project will change the finance world.

It implies that he took the time to research the project and read the white paper
I dont think he just blindly follows everyone
Idk if its an endorsement of any kind but its a good sign

He follows like 1000+ people you absolute dicksucking brainlet

>invents the term smart contract
>follows the team members at
This is big guys

As big as drake following the owner of

Much like instagram I will be going who he follows and following people of interest.

Did it on instagram and that paid off keeping an eye on things and now I do the same on twitter.

has this guy ever heard of conditioner?

This is good fud

Holy shit

I think it means he is into Sergey in a gay way.

So going thru the twitters that szabo follows... now following a few people

Decided to go thru the 150 Sergey follows.... That boring bish isnt one of them interesting. But he does follow some interesting people indeed.

Welp following a few that both of these assholes follow. Should get interesting as I dig deeper on this. If anything it'll find me more things to invest in (not just coins) and i'll continue to make money on these things.

I do love how easy twit and IG make it to make money if you know what to look for.

implying bitcoin isn't

Big if true

Szabo is one of them. The other is Hal Finney. Or was...

So i've further gone thru the people those 2 follow and ended up on a few other twit sites. didnt realize some of these assholes follow such high up people in power in various areas of life.
Interesting how many eventualyl go back to elan musk.

Well time to keep an eye on the things these 50+ I followed say over the next few months. More money made

The concept of smartcontracts in itself has nothing to do with blockchain.

Blockchain is simply a way to implement smartcontracts you silly dumb fuck.

Kek he pressed it 3 times though

dude, think about what youre saying for just a minute. youre making yourself look pretty brain dead right now.

He's right tho

When all fud in circulation is word for word copypasta, it loses its impact friend

I follow a lot of people but I like their tech. It's tight. that you Nick?

Kind of a dumb question to ask on an anonymous board huh? For what it's worth I had a conversation with S.N. about 2 years ago. I said it'll happen in 2020, he said 2018. Heh... seems like he might win our little bet.

my LARP sensors just exploded

I want to believe.

I’m laughing so hard right now at this larp, THE insiders are posting on biz about knowing Satoshi now. Kek

dumb nigger

Wtf im the real nick you guys are being lied to

he's talking about sergey you dumb nigger

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Sergey is satoshi

Doesn’t change the fact that your stinky Ethereum token is absolutely useless

>muhh oracle problem.

You guys realize that Sergey played you all as fools with his paid shilling here, right? The coin has already been shadowforked for SWIFT by a CL dev named Jason Parcer. These forks will continue to happen. You’re best off dropping your LINK bags right now. Don’t even think for a second who you’re selling to at this low price, goy.

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no it's not.
Besides why are you faggots so obsessed with this
>hurr it doesn't need its own token
you could say that baout all the erc20 tokens out there, but guess what motherfucker, no one is gonna develop a project and have nothing from it at the end by letting it run on someone else's token. How hard is that to understand?
Good luck incentivizing the community to run nodes etc when they would get btfo by eary eth whales with their stack.
Same about btc,
>hurr durr you could use btc for painments
and whos gonna benefit from that? dead satoshi, roger ver, and other btc whales?


Yep. As far as tokens go that are a form of equity in a network, Chainlink is a cut above the rest. There is a clear need to incentivise early adopters, the token serves multiple roles on the network (payment/information/security bonds).

It’s not a carwash token, it’s a very real stake in a network that gains value through network effects. Compare to stuff like VEN/VET, where the minor economic nodes perform literally no network function except for locking up capital.

Fuck, shadow forks.

Dumping everything. Thanks user.

NSA + nick szabo + Hal + (2 others) created bitcoin. CIA did not get the invite. Donald Trump will begin legislation for Bitcoin backed banks. That is, your 1 US dollar will be redeemable for (xx) sats. This will happen because the petrodollar will collapse after a video is dropped showing the world who was really behind the Twin Towers collapsing in order to save the world economy from imploding. (Jews+CIA+Clinton+Bush+Saudi's to name a few will be exposed). This is how Donald Trump plans to "bring the wealth" back to the US and distribute it to the common folk.

del now

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Someone finally gets it

Since it is believed that Nick Szabo initially registered the domain and it eventually ended up in Sergey's hands, I would say they have met before.

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I read somewhere that Ari Juels grew up in the same neighborhood as hal finney and was a childhood friend of him. Ari along with a cowriter coined the term proof of work.

Craig Wright is Satoshi faggot. You guys are too smart to actually realize the simplicity that it is him. Fuck off /biztardians.