ark is going to be $100 + EOY. This is the best crypto currency investment at the moment. SCREEN CAP THIS

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What does it do?

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They are building the tech from from the $20B whitepaper coin.

I'll wait til it's back at $2.00

Safest buy in crypto. /comfy/


How much are you guys holding?
Ark is my biggest investment and I'm a poor arklet especially now

Good luck getting an answer from these shills, I've known about it over a year and still don't know myself.

solves the pothead day after effect.

12k but I wish I sold at $10 and rebought

5/10 fud.

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It's a platform for ICO's, and anyone will be able to create their own blockchain at the click of a button. They will also connect the blockchains of every coin. It's an eth level project with talented devs who actually care about what they do. They also registered as a business in france, and if you read the latest news from france about crypto you will see that this is going to be huge. One of thier devs is actually in talks with the french government.

Not shilling, I only own 100 ark because poor fag. But ark's time will come.

Top 5 coin eoy

This week will start the engines of Ark.
Comfy af

Chinks already have Achain this is sub tier compared them.

don't compare chink scam coins with real projects.

google it pimpleface
Ark has nothing on Achain. Sorry amblet.

ICO/Smart Contract platform enabling smart contract on one-click creation blockchains (Push button deployable blockchains is their name)
This makes it incredibly cheap and easy to launch a smart contract, for example to launch one on NEO costs around $20,000 in GAS. In ARK you can press a button, change a few variables in a GUI, and create your own fork/crypto to host whatever you want on. This blockchain you make with the press of a button has atomic swap capabilities with the ARK coin, allowing instant conversion

ark looks like one of those coins that will randomly moon for no god dam reason just like some of these other coins with similar supply did

It's all noise at the end of the day. The team that delivers, wins.