Is just a psychological trick, isn't it?

Is just a psychological trick, isn't it?

Every shitcoin today is 10-50% in green, "mooning", while isn't even at the same level of two days ago, and still bleeding. With BTC doing of the most obvious bull trap.
Everything is crashing and burning to the ground again very soon.

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this bull-run is not over until we reach $40000 minimum or I will eat my hat

It's because the whales have figured out how to fleece you retards like clockwork.
Every monday morning they close their short positions, which causes the price to pump. You retards chase the pump with purchase of their own with which they open even more short positions. Then the price slowly falls until Sunday night. Then people close their short positions again and reap the rewards. And all the HODLers have no idea what's going on because they are retards who don't understand how the market works.

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says the angry bottom seller

The sincerity in this post wounds me.

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you absolutely have no clue lmao

I give up trying to predict this shitfest of a market you have to keep with every single news and even then you have no fucking idea what will happen meanwhile TA might work when it's all bots trading but it becomes one big trap when smart money start trading

bitcoin doesn't even retrace to 0.382 fibonacci level which is super rare and unnaturally bullish, I take possible market manipulation into account

It's easy to predict. I predicted this last night. Wait until about tuesday night and if there hasn't been any lasting upward motion that's the perfect time to open shorts.

by the time I read about the G20 news I've already lost $200. of course after it went up and more good news started to come out it was dead obvious we're in for a pump but that fucking few minutes cost me $200

this whole recovery is just happening way too soon, its probably a good idea to stay out of alts regardless of what bitcoin does

You're a retard. The pump has nothing to do with the fucking news. The pump is because people close their short positions at the start of the week/end of the previous.
I'm not talking about autistic gambly bitmex short positions. If you don't act like a retard you can hold short and long positions for very long runs with little risk of liquidation.

This gets fucking tiresome. Every fucking monday
We have to explain this shit to you retards over and over and over again.

you know seeing patterns where they don't exist is what crazy people do

so how much money have you made on this?

well nobody knows. at this point it is just a big fucking gamble. Personally I don't have the nerves anymore to be honest after being in this shitshow for over a year. also I don't really care anymore. I made lots of money, I lost lots of money. but now? I don't know and I don't see opportunities anymore. I recently started working a normal 9 to 5 job, pulled out 80% of all my crypto monis because it is just not worth losing it in this giant manipulated shitshow. much more relaxing and not losing any sleep over missed gains.

most of the coins are still very overvalued and might drop like a rock, but maybe they just recover to ATH again. But I am afraid the BTC pump just might be fomo and artificial. even if it just pumps to 15k now, it might be as well the same gamble than going into the casino and putting my money on a random color. that way it is just faster. but at least you don't have to see all those 15-20% BTC price fluctuations anymore with are literally just insane at this moment. I wish back the times in april to november to be honest. also not really many people are giving a rats ass anymore about those altcoins them lose over 90% of their price within a few weeks. nobody invests into this. might as well take really some months to recover from this manipulated shitshow we encountered in the last months.

Normies are buying shitcoins with the cheap btc and eth they bottom bought you imbecile

literally no normie is buying anymore at this point, but keep deluding yourself into thinking that.

your theory is retarded because it has dumped the last two mondays

You do realize that longs have been accumulating a lot? The market can be moved by other things than just shorts you know.

went all in bnb and somehow lost money since btc was at 8k

Stoploss protects. I feel too many people are waiting for a bull trap to 9k for it to play exactly like that. But ready for things to get really bad, ready to buy things at big discounts.

>he doesn't know about stoploss hunts

that's the idea user

They can come for them so I'm only going in with a nail. Short term cautiously bullish, mid term bearish, long term irrationally bullish.

Holy fuck are you blind. It pumped immediatly yesterday when g20 news started to circulate.

>Is just a psychological trick, isn't it?

kinda funny right? A perfect narrative for the normies to follow. Literally just a headline extracted from a french article that promised nothing

if I hear g20 news one more time, i'll be so mad.
that's bullshit and you know it

G20 news nigger, the fuck you gonna do?

We going to 3-5k BTC and we'll sit there for 2 months.

it's almost like life is a game of people trying to get resources from each other.. whoa

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They killed Crypto from the G20 Agenda, i just read that in german news.

Official reason was they figured -hold your breath- that it is an apparently completely irrelevant market in regards to the financial systems stability.

They figured Crypto was just a media hype and is not that important as it was made to look like. That‘s why they cut it completely from the Agenda and no regulation or similar will come.

With irrelvant they meant the volume is just too low to be of any significance. At ATH in December total volume / market cap was around 1% of global GDP and now its even worse.

I know
>great news, guys. the governments and wider financial sphere think bitcoin is completely unimportant. pump it, bullrun now!

Money should have never come into it. Or shall I say the fucking boatload of scams and ICO's that stole ETH and closed shop. The amount of coins with integrity and real teams is questionable.

I mean people are hesitant to stand by VEN and NEO. Unless that's FUD on purpose, I see the market as needing a real reason for big money to come into it. A lot is on the shoulders of these teams trying to make the blockchain what it's capable of being.

exactly. there is no real reason yet because nothing has any adoption yet. we are at the beginning, which may be a good thing since the growth potential is big. but also nobody is interested if literally no cryptocurrency has any usecase or adoption yet.

especially after normies losings literally truckloads of money, they won't bother for a whole while. for all it is worth, accumulate if you think alts won't drop another 50% but any real price action will take a whole while desu.

Can't wait to see how much potential it will reach. We're seeing some really good projects come to light. Haven't bought any crypto in a month because of this drop. Accumulating is good. Heavy bags will have heavy value in the future. I don't care about getting rich. I just want this all to work to make life better for people. We have got to get away from taxation and debt.