Ripple/ Santander partnership

I've just read an article about the santander partnership with ripple, and fact they are rolling out a ripple integrated banking app.

This seems huge to me, one of europes biggest banks creating an app for customers to send payments internationally through ripple.

Is this actually a big deal or not?

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In the long term yes, but a shitload of people here will tell you it isn't

explain how can you send fiat using ripple


why long term?

I have a friend who works at santander and they are training staff for the roll out pretty soon

fuck santander and fuck ripple

>doesn't link article

Surely coinbase will add us this month

just a pump and dump

I mean charts dont lie, but good to make a shitload of BTC as long as you buy as close to zero value

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cripple the Ripple...its not made for us...

From what I've read they will not be using XRP for the transfers, they will be using a different token.

>A Santander spokesperson said the company plans to launch the app in the next few months, and that it will use Ripple's xCurrent in the project.

>Ripple's xCurrent product does not use XRP, the company's native cryptocurrency

Why would they not use XRP?
What's the fucking point of owning this token if banks get there own?

Sorry for spamming guys, I'm just genuinely interested .

so you can't?

Please get cancer, it is what you deserve for misleading people.

so NEETs cant control a global banks money? why is anyone surprised that a bank that has billions or more wouldnt just create their own blockchain when couple nerds make them for a couple million

the token's purpose is so the ripplelabs can get funding for their business plan by dumping on people buying the tokens, a donation of sort, as soon as the company is done dumping ripple token they will close down the chain

It kind of feels that way, people funding them so they can sell an entirely different product to banks and fuck us in the ass.

t. erc20 token holders

fiat IOUs. You can issue IOUs for whatever you want. You can use Ripple for ICOs, where IOUs would act as tokens.

The amount of FUD XRP receives is beyond imagination, you ppl. are literary spreading FUD based on rumors you heard on some shitty discord channel or leddit. Before you get turned away from what could be the best investment in your life read something on the Ripple, xRapid, XRP. I'm not going to spoon feed anyone DYOR.

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Thanks for your contribution to the thread, top level shit.

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but muh centralized coin level FUD, die retard

how is a chart a FUD,

XRP is doing that shit since ever....
and why THIS time it should be different then the last time....

Wait until its worth nothing compared to BTC . BUY it - Ride the wave a few 100% long and then exit that shit , because for more it isnt used.

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I urge anyone wanting to invest in XRP to watch these video series.

Well can you please explain why Xcurrent is beneficial to xrp holders.

You're the retard. Look at my ID, I'm just asking questions about something I've only just learned about. How the fuck am I spreading FUD

any coin that is paired with BTC will do that, it will take time and enough Fiat / XRP pairs to decouple from BTC. Yeah, ride the pumps I didn't say anything was wrong with this.

xCurrent doesn't use XRP
xRapid uses XRP and relies on public crypto exchanges.

xRapid is superior to xCurrent for two reasons:
1) real settlement
2) cheaper

every xCurrent customer is a potential xRapid customer. Why hasn't banks considered xRapid yet?
1) Regulations. It relies using public crypto exchanges.
2) Liquidity. The market is still not liquid enough for banks.

the network effect also increases regardless of what they are using. Ripple network has a built-in decentralized exchange with path finding algorithm. XRP will act as a bridge currency.

and banks that don't join the Ripple network will have higher fees and lose to their competitors.

"The Japan Bank Consortium will release a groundbreaking smartphone application called “MoneyTap”— powered by Ripple’s blockchain technology — to allow customers of the bank consortium to settle transactions instantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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I think you're the only person in the thread who has actually posted useful infomation.

If banks start to use xCurrent, it's just a step away from using xRapid.

xRapid means decommission of frozen assets in Nostro/Vostro accounts which banks maintain to have liquidity for cross border payments. There are trillions in nostro/vostro accounts locked, imagine that banks could use this for investment purposes. Current legacy system = takes days to send money cross border. xRapid (XRP) = 3 secs.

There is a great incentive for banks to jump on xRapid / XRP,
and it's being tested in Western Union, Moneygram, etc.

XRP / xRapid Diagram

XRP Compared to other Crypto

Companies Using XRP:

David Schwartz comments on how higher XRP price would help Ripple‏-comments-on-how-higher-xrp-price-would-help-ripple/

XRP is blockchain technology.
XRP is not centralized, anyone can run validator server:
XRP price is not fixed by anyone not even banks or Ripple Co.
XRP is a coin used to transport value over the Internet, specifically over the blockchain network, same as any other coin.
There is a limited amount of XRP amount premined around 100B.
In order for the banks to use XRP, fast payments with literary 0 costs they will need to purchase XRP for their reserves from Ripple Co at market price.

XRP diagram explained:
The orange box is a xRapid software that automates exchange of fiat to XRP a current exchange rate.
Whenever customer wants to send fiat, bank takes this fiat and exchanges it for XRP at current exchange rate,
XRP is sent over the blockchain to destination, at destination XRP amount is converted back to fiat.
All of this takes less than 3 seconds.

But muh jew coin:
Remember you are here to make money not for the moral that banks are evil, you are on Veeky Forums not /pol/.
If you think banks will go away anytime soon you are delusional retard.

But muh it's not moving:
XRP has gone up 30,000% last year, what do you mean is is not moving?!

But muh Ripple Co. can freeze your coins:
XRP CAN'T BE FROZEN BY ANYONE. Only IOUs/tokens can be frozen by the issuer.

This is the only coin that's changing the industry right now,
all others live on hype.

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thats bullshit, just look at XMR or LTC, they hold there value compared to BTC up to there 2year highs

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daily reminder: do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says. If I listened to Veeky Forums I would be less richer.

XRP makes a lot of tokens and coins obsolete, it has lots of haters, expect the signal/noise to be low.

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what is a reasonable price for EOY?

if the bear market ends: $5-10. Interledger and Codius are coming this year. They are game changers.

It's literally the safest best, most coins will disappear in less than 5 years.

>presidential advisors
>crypto regulators
>prize-winning economists
>corporate leaders
>former heads of major banks
>ex-central bankers
>top-tier NSA coding wizards
>+100 bank clients
>bank of england
>saudi arabia monetary authority
>sits on a federal reserve task force
>sits on a US Fintech advisory board

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sad pajeet and brainlets still shilling for shitcoins and chainlink.

XRP - only blockchain thing that is actually used in real world and has utility.

Most brainlet here buy shit coin crypto hoping to to moon so that they can afford their sweet lambo.

biz had been calling it centralized shit coin since it was around 1cent.

*safest bet

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nice post