Best cities to move to?

What are some of the best cities to live in after college? I'm looking for a city that has the best weather, best entertainment, best rent affordability, best job prospects, hottest college aged girls, best everything. What cities would you recommend?

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austin, tx

but it's way too fucking crowded now. traffic sucks, too many super fine cuties.



Denver and a plus is mostly white people if you are into that

Unironically Nashville
>inb4 hot chicken, cowboy boots, and country music

Any ideas you have about Nashville/southern culture is the product of misconception produced by pop culture/tourism. It's a pretty progressive city.

Great food, really affordable housing compared to national averages, fantastic underground/basement-show band scene (no, it's not all country music--mainly rock), and a booming economy.

There's a reason Califags and norther eastern pricks are moving here in droves.

Summers are miserable, but everywhere has AC and the springs/falls are to die for

greetings fellow nashville user

Budapest, That's were i'm going.

There‘s a ranking somewhere on Wikipedia regarding cities quality of life. It‘s done properly and takes into account a shitload of relevant factors. You will find it via google if you put the time in. Last time i checked the #1 was Vienna in Austria.

Just googled that 4u:

Las Vegas. I just bought a 3 BD 2 Bath townhome close to the strip for $89,000. I airbnb 1 room for $75 a night, it's always booked. MJ is rec and is adding more jobs, more casino jobs, raiders, golden knights, t-mobile arena jobs. Rents are more than mortgages right now. put some money down in vegas

this. green valley and anthem are great areas as well that are sure to benefit from those same factors. also far enough away from the city as to not deal with shitty tourists and traffic.

Used to live on Murfreesboro Rd., Woodland St., and off Trinity Lane (I know). Went to east middle school and Stratford high. My mom played music while I was growing up. Nashville is the shit. Some day I'll move back.

Next Crypto pump, I'm going to pick up a condo that's airbnb friendly and start adding to my real estate. thank god for bitcoin. Couldn't buy 2 properties on near minimum wage without it.

ayyy what up my dudes

Grew up in the burbs of Brentwood. Boring and haughty as fuck but a good place to raise a family.

Split time now between my gf's place in Donelson and my grandparents who live out near Spring Hill

Even for all of its growth and increasingly unbearable traffic, love this place

Whenever I go to nashville I am always shocked at the general courtesy of people, particularly when driving. Also there is definitely a misconception that southern cities are highly conservative. But you’ll find that almost no metropolitan areas are. Almost by design. It would be like the progressive trailer park or farm country. It just doesn’t really exist outside of a select few examples.
t. New Yorker

my gf left me and moved there.

now alone in miami surrounded by mudbloods and collapsing bridges

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barcelona, vienna or kyoto

Boise, ID.
Trust me.

Glad you find the city enjoyable. Also, can't agree with you enough on the driving part. My gf went to uni in Boston and I swear turning on your blinker will get you ass blasted by car horns there

Damn. I didn’t know it was that cheap. Brb buying townhome with crypto gains and fucking hookers

atx economy is inflated and it's too crowded, don't come here, no one wants you here

Haha, we have a name for them: massholes. They’re often on the highways running through NY and they always drive like shit. It’s a given, just to be expected. 20 mph over the limit (minimum), allergic to blinkers, no lane discipline.

overrated, overrated, overrated
nice, choices user.
wanna actually see a cool place? Check out Curitiba or Floripa in Brazil

>top US cities in order
>San Fran, Boston, Honolulu, Chicago, NYC, Seattle, LA, Washington DC
lol is this a fucking joke? I mean Seattle mayyybe but the rest?

Gypsy shithole. Enjoy your aids.

Speaking as a Britbong, I'd rather Baghdad.

Do you have a hidden treasure chest in your flat in Budapest?

Move to lefty land goy it's best.

It's cheap compared to Western Europe. Girls are beautiful and slutty, food is alright. Not enough green places in the city, and the streets are dirty. Lot of homeless trash, but no aids unlike that other nigger said. I was threated with some STDs when I was living there but nothing serious

t. Hungarian living in Munich

also check this out:

London is expensive but nice

what is lefty?

Ottawa if you're in the tech industry

You haven't been to any of those if you are actually questioning the quality of living

most people don't have enough income to take advantage of these places

DC is lit, compact, easy to get around, tons of bars, temperate climate. Very high QOL


Bratislava or Prague
>cheap everything
>pretty good salary (adjusted for PPP)
>plenty of jobs
>the girls aren't obnoxious SJW feminists
>will suck your dick for being a foreigner
>modern, westernized cities