Entered a 5x long here. Clenching my ass right now. 5 min candle shows a falling wedge. Target 8.8k...

Entered a 5x long here. Clenching my ass right now. 5 min candle shows a falling wedge. Target 8.8k, stop loss if it breaks the lower support

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Whats your target to get out? 8800?

what the hell

TA on 5 min candles

worried about 5x leverage


I didn't finish reading your post before I posted. 8800 is around where I was thinking as well

>feeling scared on 5x lev
jesus dude, your liq is probably 7500 or something, chill.

more like 8.7
a select few TA patterns do work on 5 mins. Its mostly candlesticks but I find wedges as well as general support levels are ok for the short term.

im not worried about getting liquidated, more so on losing that 10%, Im a little bitch of a trader compared to the rest of y'all but hey, it keeps me sane

If you're using 5x leverage, you SHOULD be scared.
If you're not interested in the idea of possibly losing all your money, then you should not be using anything higher than 2x leverage.

Am I retarded or can this be interpreted as a 5m bull flag?

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Im hoping we get this but this is a really bullish wave.

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I've spotted some divergence on the hourly chart. Sell??

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Looks like enuf momentum on larger time frames to at least get there. I have my fingers crossed, my target is 8.7-8.8k as well.

I only use RSI for my divergence analysis (even though I should use MACd) but I'm still getting agreement @4hr.

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Reminder to all the bulls
we have break the 11500 boundary to truly get out of this trend

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why would you enter a long before it retraces a bit? you know the high frequency trading bots like to dump before they pump.



5 min TA lul

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5min TA... you have issues dude, stop gambling

You sound like that Zata Zu guy who got rekt during the crash and has been silent since. Probably why you didnt wanna show your trip this time.

He longed. Dump it.

I fucking longed 100x at 7400 yesterday and closed it at 7500... right before the big pump.

How do I kms.

kek what happened to that guy? he made some right calls and then he suddenly disappeared for good.

i think was that guy, that lived streamed blowing his head off with a shotty

now is when you Long you absolute brainlet.

He basically just got lucky longing the whole time from 9.5k to 11.5k, then got shat on when it dumped. Deleted at least one tweet then made another wrong call and went silent.

lmao that's bearish divergence you brainlet

Yeah that was Zata

Watch and learn OP. Selling at 9228..

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