I seriously hope Litecoin crashes to 0. What makes these cunts so narcissistic?

I seriously hope Litecoin crashes to 0. What makes these cunts so narcissistic?

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They love ltc because its like being non mainstream as it isnt btc but still normie af. Its not even an altcoin at this point

she looks like the kind of whore thats been at several nigger gangbangs

you can see her at trading view crypto chat box all the time

bumping with more narcissism

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This is just laughable.

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Are women even self-aware?

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Aware of what is relevant to them and that is the level of awareness. All views are subjective and fells based.
Serious every tried talking to a women whit something factual?
Was discussing compound interest with a thot the other day birch thought the shit was subjective and open to interpretation.


What do women talk about to each other biz?

I'm not saying women are smart or anything but you are actually retarded if you think your neocortex has anything to do with problem solving or complex thinking. The Neocortex is used for motor functions, spatial reasoning and language use. AKA your main senses.
It would make sense too that men would have a more developed neocortex though, since you know hunting and other manual labor.

Rather than just parroting information that you think is working in your favor try actually reading that shit.

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...you could try going outside and find out.

Im curious about this. The only convos Ive overheard between women, age 20+ were like:
>how they dont feel well


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they talk about everything. But mostly, they talk about their feelings and how they feel about others.

That seems to be it, basically


>and language use. AKA your main senses.
But language use is not a negligible factor as for measuring intelligence.

We'd need an actual scientist to explain what parts of "language" this covers exactly but at first sight you'd assume if someone has deficient use of language then that person is probably suffering quite a handicap when it comes to for example writing a book or making a speech.

>you are actually retarded if you think your neocortex has anything to do with problem solving or complex thinking

why would you even say something like this, while it's literally a scientific fact that the neocortex is extremely important for cognitive functioning...

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this is such bullsghit
male brains have more synapses in neocortex
female brains have more synapses practically everywhere else
I'm not some feminist but stop being a retard and check before you post

mostly gossip about other people. Women talk about other people about 90% of the time when round other women

Your projector is broken. She looks like she never leaves the house.

>try to sound smart but misinterpret scientific evidence because you don't actually have a background in the field you're talking about
First of all this only accounts for one area of the brain. Second of all I has nothing to do with amount of neurons, cerebral mass, ect.

> "Not a financial advisor"

kek she fooled me for a moment

You answered your own question. Women are stupid fucks.

This. I'd say it's much higher than 90% though, maybe 90% is how much they discuss other people around men, just try and change the subject with a woman to something that doesn't involve what somebody else did/said, it's a lot harder than you'd think

Every part of the brain is important, but no area is solely responsible for complex functions like problem solving. Mathematics for example involve mainly three regions working together in a network. Occipital, prefrontal, and posterior parietal cortex.

Yeah the way she does her foundation and lighting for her photos almost had me fooled.