Be useless NEET living at home

>be useless NEET living at home
>every day face crippling depression and suffocating anxiety
>can't find work, hard to leave the house
>Dad tries to hide his disgust for me, can hear mom when she thinks she's alone talking to her friends about what to do about me
>fail at everything, including killing myself
>one day browsing Veeky Forums
>see "Veeky Forums", decide to click on it instead of /b/
>cue chicago bulls theme song:
>learn about crypto for the first time
>watch autistic neets like me mooning to lamboland
>look at bank account
>$1000 and some change from birthday money over the years
>start to spend my nights learning about crypto instead of jacking off
>begin to trade, in the beginning get nervous and sell low buy high a lot
>lose half immediately, want to cry, I will never make anything out of my life
>decide to just keep going
>learn to steady my hands
>6 weeks later, have made 28k
>pull out 14k, pay off one of mom's maxed out credit cards
>parents are in awe. mom cries. for the first time dad looks at me and smiles
>celebrate as a family, haven't felt good at home since I was a child
>for the first time in my life, I have a spark of confidence
>maybe I don't have to be a retarded neet eating microwaved food my whole life
>maybe can be something one day
>take out $200 in BTC and buy some clothes that fit
>mom hugs me, dad enjoys talking to me again
>take my remaining 13.8k and hit the crypto markets, one day at a time, half my savings in HODL, day trading the other half
>depression is waning, anxiety still not good but manageable
>mfw see potential for a brighter future

thank you Veeky Forums, wish me luck

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I give that to some of my patients who have a long wait to see me for treatment. Good luck, hope you make it.

good job faggot

good luck user, wish you the best

>paying your parents bills

not going to make it

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We're all going to make it. Good luck user

good job faggot keep up the good work

God bless you user. You are going to make it.

We can all make it lads.

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nice LARP

>for the first time dad looks at me and smiles
based dad

unironically this
>ONE of mom's maxed out credit cards

2/10 LARP

Great job user

Good luck, user. May the random number god bless you

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I don't understand the whole 'NEET' thing. are there really people who just sit at home all the time not doing shit? I mean how hard is it to take a few classes at a local community college, ffs

> knock knock

Hi user, hope you kept our share

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Good job bro. Also if you're curious, wagecucking is better than being NEET, but it's still a fairly shitty existence.

>tfw bought 1 million xby at 200 sats

>sold at 230 sats


keep going faggot turn that shit into 100k
were proud of you for paying off your moms credit card first

This is old school pasta, but if my parents treated me like that I’d beat my faggot father within an inch of his life and bully the fuck out of my mother and her whore friends, and then move out and hopefully never see them again.

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This. Anons about to learn a big lesson in responsibility. It's all part of the growing up process :) maybe your mom can max out one of her cards to help pay what you owe.

For some people it's not about pulling yourself up by the bootstraps or whatever shit boomers like to say. Agoraphobia, depression and anxiety are real my guy, and make no mistake they're debilitating in severe cases.

so you can be so depressed that it becomes impossible to sit in a classroom for 40 minutes like twice a week? wot

You will panic sell your bitcoins and kill yourself in 2024 when it's worth a million per coin.

I was once too depressed to get out of bed to go to class while my mother thought I was going.
I grew out of that, but it's a thing.

>this thread seems like a fine place for this pasta

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People get so depressed they actually kill themselves, so yeah, these people will not have going to class as a high priority. Also there's people who cannot leave the house without crippling panic attacks. So yeah, mental illness can really incapacitate people to a much worse extent than you're insinuating

This guy gets it. I'm in my early 30s and have had to battle panic/anxiety attacks from my late teens through my 20s. Walked off of many jobs during said attacks. I REALLY really need crypto to help me make it because if I have to go back to wagecucking ill just neck myself.

420 it up, fuck your anxiety nigga

glad to hear it's going well for you

I miss bullying my moms friends into their underwear and taking pictures. A bunch of late 30s/early 40s divorcee's that had no men in their lives to steal resources from so they were desperate. I should try to find those pics on one of the cd's I burned and go thru them. Sarah had a pretty phat ass for being 44

> He took profit
> He still stayin
Too good to be true but I'm closing the thread and believing it happened, try to stop me.

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>buy at 210
>dont sell at 5000

Oh well

>read this with the bulls song playing
good stuff

What's even worse is it's kind of degenerate on habit building. Somewhere in my late 20s when I just stopped doing the 9-5s, before I found crypto, I found ways to make just enough to get by with stuff on the internet. Video game gold selling, ebay reselling ect. Just enough to pay rent and eat.

Getting back into the "real" world has become downright terrifying. My only real option is to just start my own business and not having any real vision or regiment of what the next step is actually is in itself anxiety provoking.

Die white trash


Same story but I'm losing money.

Good luck user!

i dont care if this is a larp i hope its true
fuck society and what it has made of us. we shouldnt need crypto to feel like real humans, but it's all we got.

All these new friends that haven't seen this stale pasta before

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>WoW ded
>shills and drones will defend it even when they are getting ass-fucked
>P2W games everywhere
>TV shows aren't good/funny anymore
>movies suck and I can no longer get a college discount
>graduated from college as a virgin
>tinder ded with P2W now
>some matches but nothing lasts because I am not chad thundercock
>Apple computers has turned into hipster consumer shit, when I grew up with system 7-Mac OS 9
>ded end job
>sub-3.0 GPA from tier 1 state university with a great alumni network
>no jobs anywhere near my degree field nor wants
>college friends over 200+ miles away
>i am scared I won't get into vet school before 30.
>starting to see signs in my first dog that he probably won't live to see 15
>the days of vanilla/tbc raiding are long gone
>selfies and Twitter shitters everywhere

Why does it suck to grow up? I just want to be an 8th grader again playing this mmo for the first time over the '04 winter break.

>I miss bullying my moms friends into their underwear and taking pictures.
Uh, please elaborate. For research purposes.

Similar story to me, felt like life might be able to show my brother a bright future and help us get out of depression. Turned my 10k life savings into 27k for a short while, but too stupid and unknowledgeable about markets to know to take profits on my alts, and now I'm in the red.

Em-embrace responsibility, you, you...CLEAN YOUR ROOM!


My moms friends were all late 30s early 40s and all of them were divorced dumb cunts. Ruined their familys trying to get one last cock ride in before they finally married or whatever their stupid it's not enough plans were. So years later after they all ruined their lives and families they had nothing and no guys were coming around to woo them over their hot aging tits.

So being as my mom was a cunt and I didnt like her much and her friends all thought they could be cunts to me I started to be a huge asshole back to them.

Sarah would point out oh there's no good men left and I would fire back from the other room well maybe cuz you fucked them all and they didnt like the price.

shit things that would get my ass beat if I said it to a guy. Well since most of them were lonely and desperate and they took my attention as attention not asshole attention they wuold put up with shit for attention.
One key story was I was over at my moms friends house named Mallory... why her parents hated her to give her that name I dont know but she was 39 and probably hadnt gotten dicked in about 2yrs.... she was kind of plump but still showed hints of her body at 20. So when over there moving some boxes for her I told her she'd get more results from me if she was in her underwear and of course she started mouthing off about how rude I was was and a real man treats a girl right. So being the asshole I was I walked up to her and yanked her skirt down and shoved her on the table. Told her dont move or i'll spank you and she stayed like that and let me take pics.

just storys like that from dumb cunts that let themselves get bullied into panties cuz they desperately wanted attention from men.

I dont live with my mom anymore and that was years ago but out of her 9 friends Ive bullied 7 of them into panties. a few I even made cook naked for me. Pathetic how desperate for a man in their lives they were

Damn that's hot

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massively inspirational shit right here

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>graduated from college as a virgin

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