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Ignoring the price entirely considering that the price is an emergent property of all other market fundamentals.

Buy low sell high

Nip clouds and fundamental analysis

oh okay.

>Nip clouds

wtf is this?

Candlestick patterns, supports and resistances, Fibonacci. Some people seem to be doing well with Bollinger bands + oscillator. Try to get good at one thing and accept that sometimes not having an opinion worth putting money on is OK.

Trend lines and moving averages.

Trend lines are easy to eyeball and everyone does it. Moving averages are used in algorithms.

>Candlestick patterns, supports and resistances, Fibonacci
this and MA/EMA

Just draw a bunch of lines over top of the 7 day chart, repost it every day saying it means it's about to go up (but don't specify when) and then when it finally does bounce a little sell people your TA newsletter.

Candlestick patterns, RSI, MACD, MAs, trendlines, Elliott Wave and Fibbonaci retracements/extensions. Don't forget your risk management too.

Im familiar with bollinger and for me its been the most accurate for aiming tops and bottoms(on the daily chart), but whats oscillator and how is it connected to bollinger?

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I just look at the chart and try to feeeel when its low and when its high.

Definitely divergences.

Flipping a coin

Support/Resistance, RSI, Trendlines, VOLUME!
Most importent, use one hour or four hour chart.

The problem with macd rsi kdj etc. Is that it indicates something is overbought/sold, but it reflects the price movement badly, especially in a bear market, it shows you something might move sideways at most when macd flips or rsi just hit rock bottom, but its hard to say where the next 7 day average movement is heading to. But do these indicators work for you on short term? I've not been working on day trading so still looking for some nice short term indicators

DYOR lazy faggot

It's all just gambling, even more so in this manipulated market

This but I look at all charts depending on the situation

zoom out, look at the big movements

I'm just going to leave this here

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you are better off reading horoscopes

Do fundie research do find something that you believe will succeed long term, abd use techie research to find entries and exits

For now we're good i think

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Fair, I wanted to stick to 3.

MACD, RSI, StochRSI, CCI... I don't really know how it's connected, I've just seen people using them together and pass until they get go signals on both.

I mostly use RSI and MACD for entry exit points. I find RSI is the most useful to see when the market may flip, like if it's continually oversold and lows are getting higher it's a good sign of an imminent bounce. I find MACD to be less useful though honestly. Lagging indicators in general are weak if you're not swing trading. For day trading they're basically useless other than to confirm a bear/bull market.

I find elliott wave and resistance lines pretty valuable when you're looking for confidence to enter a trade, and in combination with fib it's pretty powerful for price projections if you're willing to put in the time to count waves.

hmmm really made me think

Are those moving averages..or something else?

If the coin pumps out of nowhere and there is no news, sell signal. If you try dumping and you are stopped by a bot, buy signal.

Technicals follow fundamentals. Your TA thesis should always be accompanied by a FA thesis.
>but my asset has no clear fundamentals
Trade on what the algorithms trade on. But try not to get caught in their nets. Easy way of doing that is to extend your time horizon, trade on dailies over the course of a few months.
Algos trade on moving averages, especially when the price is 1 or 2SD from that average. Also bbands. They’ll tend to sell a break below the bands and buy a break above for long term. The opposite for the short term. Everyone uses RSI but I wouldn’t advise that, it’s too obvious, and is a reaction to the past rather than insight about the future. Don’t drive staring in your rearview mirror.
A note about stops: not even once. I save an order instead and set a few price alerts on the way down so I won’t be caught off guard. If it hits my stop I place the order. This requires some discipline.
A stop will appear in the order book and pros/algos will absolutely try and work the price down to your stop. It’s just a cheap sell, really.


Also with regard to stops this is more relevant if you’re small money. Large position holders can worry less about getting raided.

dont waste your time doing TA unless you want to sell your analysis to newbies and uneducated people in finance who believe in it

literally the only use for TA is to shill people. you really think something as simple as TA (srsly a 5 year old can do that shit) has any worth in such a complex ecosystem?

just use your brain and you will see that TA just screams bullshit. and if you still kind of believe in it go read some scientific papers on technical trading... you will get redpilled

Hanging Sayori Pattern

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TA works because other people use TA. If we threw bones and everyone saw that the bones predicted "Great wealth" everyone would buy and the price would raise

Checking how active a development team is. This also includes going through their Github and checking their code to see if they know what the fuck they're doing and if they have serious potential.

don't bother though

the manipulation is painfully obvious

every time you see a massive green snek up expect it to be a YOLO range for some time (up down up down) until it goes down bigly

UNLESS there's fundamental good news ... or for cryptoretards any kind of news the one yesterday which was "we don't give a shit about crypto for now ... but watch out faggots" > boom +1000$ literally

personally using MACD, 20 50 100 200 moving averages and rsi for strategy (never works out lol)

what seems to be working is what i said first + buying into weakness when the house isn't on fire ... (no fundamental shit that'll fuck up the price)

AND selling into strength

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Hey, im starting to daytrade and im currently using RSI and moving average but i kinda don't understand if i should look at 1m,5m,15m,30m or 1h charts,

Any advice?

thats just exactly what people who never actually read a paper on TA or looked at it critically say. this or "hurr self fulfilling prophecy" "its psychology". well no this is bullshit and you would know if you would do your research properly.

but hey its your money

if there was only 1 TA indicator then I could see his point. the fact every one looks at different indicators makes him sound like a fuckwit tho

usually what ta faggots do is check if the RSI, MA is favourable on 5 - 4hour time frames

while you're at it draw a bunch of lines where the resistances/support will be ... keep psychological numbers in mind as well 10k? 8k? ...

be wary these markets as don't move organically its pump and dump - usually best time to buy is when the dump occurred and it shouldn't drop much further

literally the worst thing you can do is to constantly monitor the price ... unless you have steel nerves or are ext. patient

^ it makes me always sell to early ... also if the price drops temp. consider holding until it goes up within the day

heck even stop losses might fuck you as they are regularly triggered to shake out easy pickings AND/OR kill shorts/longs price spike/tank

1 min is to fomo and fud yourself out of trades + to monitor it

5 min gives an overview of 1 ...

15 same only 3 times

30 min how it might snek the next hours

1h how it might snek the for the day

1d how it might snek for the week

1w how it will snek for the whole month

1m < there isn't even enough data for that

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Jesus, Eliot waves is such a meme you can literally just place them everywhere depending on your eyesight

thanks, im currently longing/shorting on Bitmex, i don't use stop losses because i go with isolated margin, i rather get liquidated than be fucked by some wave that triggers stop losses, i sometimes left my positions open with already close orders for certain prices, i don't want to look at the chart all day because im going to to get anxious i just want to learn how to read the best entry signals/out ones

if i want to trade a position a long a couple of hours/day i should then be lookin at 30m/1h chart right? sometimes entry/exit poins gets me confused because RSI changes a lot in different time charts

Himiko toga cloud

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