Megapump incoming

Just went all in, i suggest you all do the same.

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>le hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy maymay

Nah, thanks, I'm good already.

>up 20 pecent

congrats, you bought the ATH

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>Just went all in

>Volume of 0.06BTC


>$487 volume

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There are only 42 total coins though. Very low supply. :0)

>volume: $488
>market cap: $1,274,141

>very low supply
>zero volume
BUY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biz never learns

sho sho Thomas Albin, go shill "your" shitcoin somewhere else.

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This is the real bitcoin

nice volume 487$ shiteater

That website is MySpace tier

It's because they're hodling, no one wants to sell. This is a very good store of value. This guy gets it

Buy this so that tucking drunk retarded hick ghost radio can dump on me? Fuck that id LITTERALLY rather have a Jew dump on me than a red neck

ghost is a jew so whatever

buy more 42 coin goy

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>measuring in fiat

>$487 volume

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all in
487 vol

all in is 487 dollars