99% sure I just got into Princeton

I'm not smart, lots of luck. is my life going to change? I'm just a middle class schmuck. will I make big bucks, marry an heiress? t b h I'm worried everyone's going to smell my pleb-tier background

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Congrats. Lose the self doubt and give maximum effort. You already know how to succeed, so are you going to just make the hardest part following through? Don't be a fag.

Prepare for disappointment.

You'll be better off than the rest but not by much.

remember you're paying for connections so if you're an autistic neet its not worth it

Make the most of it user. Ivies have large networks of connected, powerful individuals. Dont just sit in your dorm and jack of all day

>I'm worried everyone's going to smell my pleb-tier background
Just dress well. I only know how to distinguish old money from new money in my own language, but most of the people of our generation really don't care any way.

From a European perspective it looks like the only thing Americans care about are tacky displays of wealth any way.
It's really hard to fake being old money, and I wouldn't try if I were you. Just try to dress well, be confident, and not take yourself too seriously. Be generous towards others with what money you have, and don't buy anything overly expensive for yourself.
Definitely no lambo if you can ever afford one.

This you might be middle class but you can make friends who's family is connected. It's not always what you know but who you know to get a foot in the door.

I had an interview, didn't get in. gl user

I dress normie preppy (vineyard vines, skinny khakis, patagonia), but not as stylish as super rich kids.

I've also never been skiing. I've never taken a cool trip, never used my passport.

I'd never try to lie or pretend to be wealthy, you can figure out in 2 questions I'm not: where are you from? what do your parents do?

I wish I were you

I think a lot of the rich kids go in sort of cliquey, they know each other from being from wealthy cities, parent connections and summering together. not EVERYONE but I suspect there's a lot of that. I will be 100% unknown. so I'm worried about first impression, for sure

self love op, your disposition in life is incredibly static. You proved so by attaining ivy status. All u gotta do now is enjoy one of the most premier four years of life with the wealth of the nation. The anons in this post have given u great advice- Godspeed bro

I don't know those brands very well, they're not popular here.
Just make sure you don't wear stupid bright pastel colours.
Pants should indeed be skinny khakis, blue or brown chinos are allowed as well.
Have yourself made some nice hand-tailored white and light blue shirts, spread collar, thick cotton. Wear a nice sweater over them, no v-neck. Jackets are allowed as well.
Socks black, grey, or a combination of the two in argyle pattern.
Shoes: I'd say brogues or suede derbies.

It's a generic style, but you can't really go wrong with it. You might look a bit dorky though.

>not going to Georgetown and befriending someone will become a dictator

I got full rides to multiple high tier colleges but blew them off and went to a low tier state college. Dropped out because I wasn't serious about college because I had some shit I needed to get out of my system first. Now I'm going back to a top tier college.

I can tell you that it will make a huge difference in your life and you would regret not doing it forever.

kek. GU's financial aid sucks and they're not on common app, so I didn't feel like do all that extra shit for a college I wasn't obsessed with and prob couldn't afford if I got in. especially since I already got into Uva and GU is only slightly better, arguably

>I can tell you that it will make a huge difference in your life

>I can tell you that it will make a huge difference in your life and you would regret not doing it forever.
what the fuck are yall talking about

went to arguably the best one in the pic OP posted and I can say without a doubt I would have rather gone to a cheap four year vacation school e.g. UCSB

~50% of the people who get in to these school's nowadays are people for affirmative action and don't deserve to be there / contribute nothing to what you get out of the school

another ~30% are athletes for the various sports teams @ these top schools who also have no business being there / contribute nothing to what you get out of the school

then like ~15% are kids whose parents went to these schools before i.e. alumni, most of whom don't deserve to be there

that leaves ~5% for actually smart people who deserved to go to the college and aren't retarded / maybe worth networking with

of the alumni maybe like 1 in 10 are wealthy so 1.5 in 100 people at these colleges are who you want to be networking with: good luck having the patience to find them

am I missing something? what the fuck was so great about going to these colleges?

Oh, wait, that's right, yall are larping and didn't actually go, lmfao

I know a *lot* about Princeton. I won't say how on this board.
Just work hard and stay away from anything that can screw up your time there. Take serious courses and always take advantage of the help from professors. Use the P/F options judiciously. Be *very* careful about the Honor Code.
Don't worry about your status. A Princeton degree opens doors, period. So what if some Romanian Princess won't date you. There's all types there.
Oh, and Princeton is one of the more based of the Ivies. Sure there's political crap there, but less so and much of it is just for show. Yale is a shitshow in that regard, comparatively.


Cornell grad here. It opens doors like you wouldn't believe. Do it.

1. Lower tier colleges are being reformed into what are basically vocational schools. Higher tier colleges offer a better quality of education on that basis alone.

2. Studies show that Ivy League grads go right to job opportunities that grads from less prestigious colleges take ten years of lower level work to break into. The wealth gap is multiplied by compound interest and becomes nigh insurmountable.

3. You get legacy status that lets you pass on those advantages to your kids when you get around to having them.

It's a big deal.

i have av friend who has his phd from Princeton.

he is an animal. i wouldn't trust him with my sister. he lives in a shack and feeds dog food to his chickens

>50% affirmative action

You're inflating that.

>30% athletes

You're inflating that.

>15% legacy

You got me there.

>5% for actually smart people

Your numbers are skewed, and you have no idea how many dumb kids go to state universities on their low ACT scores.

>only the wealthy kids are worth networking with

So that 15% of rich kids that you're bitching about along with the 5% of smart kids you're bitching about are "unfindable" somehow? Sounds like you needed to learn how to socialize.

You sound like an autist who couldn't network with anyone because you're scared of socializing, particularly with minorities.

that's my thought as well. even if I don't make an in with some filthy rich heiress, I'll be mingling with super ambitious middle to upper middle girls that want to be lawyers, doctors, etc. as long as I stay away from the lefty psychos (which I don't think P has very many), I'll be around a lot of great girls

I hope I'm not shunned by the rich, but even if I am, I think I'll be good

If you're not in a top tier frat at a state school good luck networking with any rich kids. top tier frat, not just any frat. top tier frats are exclusive, they vet you to confirm you're either rich and/or a Chad who can pull. then all the top tier frats mix with top tier sororities full of rich babes

>I'll be mingling with super ambitious middle to upper middle girls that want to be lawyers, doctors, etc.
depresses me how I will NEVER get to experience this. Scored extremely high on standardized tests but high school CGPA was less than 2.5. Ended up at a community college and only encountered one intelligent girl over the span of three years. Now I'm 23 and miserable

enjoy it

yeah, rich people never admit this, but I think much of the obsession with elite colleges comes from vetted dating/marriage/grandkid prospects. they say "network" to broadly conceal what they really mean

should have gone to interview in blackface

Wish you the best of luck. Don't worry about your background, make a name for yourself and fuck the haters.

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>be me
>3.97 UWGPA
>34 ACT
>apply to top tier schools
>denied or accepted with zero financial aid from all of them
>now I'm at Florida State

>be nigger classmate
>do slightly worse but not by much
>full ride to princeton


Hahaha people taking this thread seriously
good one op

was he bragging about the "full ride"? tacky. his "full ride" was financial aid because his family is poor or just low middle class. elite colleges' financial aid is insanely generous

how frequently does a Cornell credential come up or help you in real life? or you mean more-so the experience and connections and trajectory from going there

My roommate is a Brown grad, dating a girl who graduated from Princeton. Her and all of her friends are fucking weirdos.

Just a fair warning OP.

lol. lotta rich kids try hard to be weird/quirky. what are their professions?

Actual old money are pretty often high functioning autists.
It's the lucky new money that's normie, but they pretty much always lose their wealth in a generation or two.

Especially girls will pretty much always study something artsy or just plain useless.
Take my high school gf who went to Oxford to study classical languages of all things you could study at a top university.