You have less than 24 hours to accumulate

>CEO submitted listing form to CoinMarketCap on 3/18
>Suppoman and 3 other large youtubers are about to shill this
>Soon the world will all know that the worlds leading Data experts have put together a blockchain project named Banyan Network

If you don't buy now, you don't like money. Easiest 10X in crypto history and the time is running out.


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shhhhhh still accumulating

Fuck you

This warning is for you. Time is running out user, get yours and let's go. Meet me at the bar when you are done.

Why? I am being dead fucking serious here.

Literally just got in with a baby stack, let’s hope this restores some of my melted gains bro, I am very excited though

I’m gonna dump my fat stack at $1, this will probably be my last pump

>CEO submitted listing form to CoinMarketCap on 3/18
what did he mean by this

Where's it traded

Literally, that the CEO David Zhou submitted the application form to CoinMarketCap yesterday. He informed the BBN telegram yesterday that it was done.

Aren't there pre-sale tokens unlocking on the 21st?

No. No coins will be unlocked until June and September. 120 million circulating supply for the next 3 months. 400 million capped off by September.

Where can i buy

Bibox. More exchanges are in the works but we have no idea which ones due to NDA's

So basically this coin will hit $1 by June or not at all

No. This coin is so ridiculously undervalued right now, that a 4x increase in supply and marketcap would still be a great buy.

That being said, I do think we see $1 by June.

yea I'm fucking outta here when June hits, but in the meantime the gains will be monstrous.

Bought in at 4 cents and ready for the ride


Whats the name on it there?

>Guys I got a Job at google, apple, tesla and microsoft as a software engineer. Trust me, I applied yesterday

Smart, maybe you will get to buy back in the future corrections pending. I think I will always keep about half. I am interested in seeing where this goes in 5 years. Short-Medium term, take profits without a doubt.