Best US cities to move to?

What are some of the best US cities to live in after college? I'm looking for a city that has the best weather, best entertainment, best rent affordability, best job prospects, hottest college aged girls, best everything. What cities would you recommend?

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

If you aren't living in Denver or Boulder, you're doing it wrong, but I guess it depends on which of your factors you weigh most heavily. Half the anons here never leave their house so you'll get a lot of responses to move to Oklahoma City because it's cheap and has fast internet.

South of the Mason-Dixon Line
Oxford, MS
Athens, GA

What about NYC?

San Francisco

Chattanooga, TN....the next Nashville

Kansas City and Oklahoma City are both cheap to live, fast internet, and surprising enough, have a plethora of fine looking young ladies.

If you have enough $$$..
What is enough?

Reno, Nevada (not jOkā€™ing)

>Move to Wisconsin from any other place
>Drink everyday and root for fudge packers
>Get depressed because it's cold and grey all the time and packers suck.
>suffer liver failure
>wait on transplant list got 2 years
>Die before you can get a transplant

Nah fuck that noise. Move to a Philly or NYC suburb. Close enough for fun of city but without the nigger and spics. Plus you get the perfect length of seasons.


Philly suburbs are mostly run by utopian leftists that sit at little roundtables and make bad, 'unanimous' decisions on behalf of their constituents. Ambler is nice, small, family friendly, with Cheap train to center city.

>t. Bucks-Mont expat

Looks comfy as fuck user. I'm from New Hope. Can't wait to finish school and move back.

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In the early 90s it definitely was one of the best cities to live, it still is in many aspects but even if you can afford it it's just not worth it

The dotcom bubble ruined the bay area


> is affordable, very walkable, great hiking, great beer, great music, microclimate so not much snow at all. Western NC is just absolutely gorgeous anons, if this crypto thing pans out thats where I would buy land.

I've been considering Denver after graduating too desu. Just worried about the leftists

Most people in Denver are very independent. It's like Texas but without the retarded rednecks.

Fort Myers

>Based Florida laws
>80% white
>Currently being developed (can have city or country, also increasing population leading to increasing home values)
>West coast so you have sunset over ocean
>Near fgcu so college girls
>Cheap rent
>1 hour to Miami

Fort Myers is not a place to live, its a place worth to visit and enjoy.

If you really care about the general political leanings of a specific area you're prob kinda lame, unless as it relates to violence or oppression I guess. Denver/Boulder has a lot going for it and from my experience most people are really cool. The other user who says it's like texas without rednecks is prob spot on.

But it's in Florida. Would rather kill myself.

Woodbury, Minnesota. If you can afford a house in the 400+ range it's classic comfy American suburbia.

% white
This is fucking sad that this is considered decently high

Tampa, Florida

Moved here from south africa when I was 10 and haven't left.

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Shit from SA... you've already 'made it' in a way. Better than getting your balls chopped off and watching your family be rape-tortured by a pack of feral niggers for being the only farmers keeping them alive.