6 days

Who here excited?

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COSS marine checking in and I'm not fucking selling

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When fiat pairs faggot?

Excited and hodling. But, after Rune's update, not sure what could happen in 6 days to launch COSS

damn i miss my chance to buy under 25 cents! ughhhhh
oh welll will try to get all in under 50 cents

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The beginning of new KYC marks the start of FIAT on COSS
I think this will become apparent in the price of COSS.

Interesting point. As a holder of 10k COSS, I remain bullish over the long run. I hope you are right about the effect of KYC on the price of COSS, but I think the market has priced in FIAT *assuming current volume*. I think where the market is wrong is that FIAT will bring volume, and after that is realized, we'll see FIAT's effect on COSS price. The current (or perhaps recent) correction in the crypto market has also raised concern in investors that COSS may not see FIAT-driven growth for some time, as corrections bring fear which in turn limits normie investment in crypto.

That said, I see COSS as one of the safest crypto bets at the moment. The fact that COSS is placing emphasis on compliance is huge, yet oddly undervalued. The biggest risks are (1) crypto dies (which, contrary to some FUD, isn't going to happen) or (2) someone else comes and does what COSS wants first. While there is a lot of bitching about the rate at which COSS moves their tech, they are well ahead of the curve on compliance and getting in front of what will be inevitable regulation. This is the real first mover advantage and will ultimately position COSS to be a major exchange for normies.

Just bought 4k coss, feel like I need an even 10k though.
Where will this be eoy?

If they get the merchant gateway up and running Q3 of this year, the sky is the limit.

I don't want to say a number, because it will seem ridiculous. But exchange+fiat+debit cards+merchant gateway = a lot.
This, again, is assuming they successfully pull off FIAT, then debit cards, then the merchant gateway.
Easily 1b marketcap though, should they pull all of these things off.

This is an astute analysis. Lots of room to grow here. They just need to efficiently execute. If crypto rebounds, we can expect that big money will try to elbow themselves into this space.

Interesting, I'm a bit worried about the supply though. Isn't it supposed to end up at 200mil tokens? That means even best case scenario like you said only leads to a $5 token price.

The interesting part is when you consider that if COSS should get to 1B marketcap, it will have established itself.
It will be the (only) way in all of crypto to invest in an exchange that has direct FIAT pairs, and shares FIAT dividends.

As of now, there is an enormous amount of distrust in COSS. If they are able to overcome that and become a permanent player, the interest from VCs, or real whales, could be staggering.

If Bittrex/Binance offered fee split sharing, they would have a top 10 coin the very next day.

are you doing these threads for this you fucking dumb nigger? can't believe you

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No im doing these threads for the medium update that rune will post in about a week.

There is something nobody is expecting.

Coss is not the obly exchange that will have FIAT pairs. Next exchange launching public version on 1st april 2018. The exchange already functioning for its tokenholders since february. You can check it :


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>It will be the (only) way in all of crypto to invest in an exchange that has direct FIAT pairs, and shares FIAT dividends.
>and shares FIAT dividends.

I see that next exchange does not offer any passive income based on the revenue of the exchange, is that correct?

Let me guess, fiat delayed, UI delayed, we are still in the hiring process but my BD party will be epic

UI is being tested as we speak.

not correct they are distributing 100% income to tokenholders.

here is the proof. read the whitepaper

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Lol that UI from whitepaper is ugly as hell. COSS upcoming UI is alot better.


Quarterly turns me off entirely, but i'm glad theres more.
That being said, 4 payouts vs 52 payouts. The choice is clear for me, I can back out of COSS any week I want.

So for you in 5 day new Kyc
And in one weeks a medium with a big news ?

Is this coming out on the release in 6 days?

Nice to see whalebro talk for once

I'm still accumulating, how much time I've got left?

not much

Tantalizing. Is this news big enough and safe enough to justify going all in on?

i just bought 1000 coss....
will i make it?

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I have never been more convinced of the continued failure of any coin moreso than COSS. I am sorry. Deep down you k own it true. The exchange simply will not get the volume. And it's too late. Again, sorry.

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Airdropping the remaining tokens (96m) to current hodlers.

COSS will rise like a phoenix from it's ashes. New beginning.

COSS failed when they released a half assed product that was buggy

Yea invest based off of a couple past failures,
you're a motherfuking genius

this would be a beautiful fuck you to all the shorters.. but it wont happen... these are reserved for promoting coss.

Current team is completely different. Alot bigger, management learned from the past mistakes.

I bought low.

still in nice profit. Biz shilled me this.
Now it's just bag holders

It was pretty promising. The website should be operational by now..

I'm still holding my 16k COSS but I'm not feeling quite as good as I was months ago. It took so long to fix that order-book bug, and they haven't been very good at communicating. I really hope that changes now that they've apparently hired a community manager.

Well when that's all you have to go on seems better than potentially lighting money on fire

but kcs pays me more and coss has no volume

I have never been more convinced of the continued failure of your spell checking abilities

it either goes in the direction of a certain 10x or a complete larp

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Do you know what larp means? Back to Redit noob

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That's all you got? You know it's true

if it goes to zero (what is possible but I don't believe it) then so be it but i won't get fucked selling at 10c to save a shekel just to see the team succeed as tey're just starting to assemble the dev team which is going to bring COSS further. Whichever direction, I'm not fucking selling

diden't got my dividends today