Tell me you didnt actually buy the venezuelan scamcoin, right user?

tell me you didnt actually buy the venezuelan scamcoin, right user?

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Im so used to fake links I was getting ready to yell at OP.

i mean he can do that but I'll still buy my mcdonalds with it.

>buying Chavezcoin

literally no one

1 shitcoin down...

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One of the few things Trump has done right. Anyone that was stupid enough to invest in venezuelan coin deserves to have their money taken.

1500 left
honestly CMC should only add working products and not only whitepapers and delist fucking scamcoins

the petro is not even listed on coin market cap yet

its still in ICO phase

Doesn't effect our memecoins but the market is retarded.

>One of the few things Trump has done right.

He hasn't done anything wrong so far

im talking about crypto in general
there are to many troll/scamcoins listed on CMC


The government can’t stop cryp-

>doesnt even bother looking it up
You’re the fake one here.

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Yeah because he hasn't done anything

and bitcoins dumping again, cheers

Bitcoin just dropped like $200 in 3 mins in response to this news.
That's retarded.

finally he's actually doing something positive

Soon added to CoinBase

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This is what democraps and shitholers actually believe


not a trump fan but salty cucks need to stop being so salty. Just because he hasn't done anything you like doesn't mean he's done "nothing"

So no more PetroDollar?

There's got to be some sort of bullshit sentiment bot behind this.

You really think that was in response to the fucking Petrocoin ban?

Its so cute that world governments think they can still control their citizens in this way. We are so close to breaking free for good.

So close.

venezuelan here

i hope nobody actually buy this scamcoin.
this shit is like gifting free btc to the govt.
trump is protecting potential investments and hes also protecting the market with this ban

>Mfw i use Monero to hide my purchases

The days of the petrodollar are over Amerimutts

Fuck Trump
Fuck America

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fuck trump, just bought 100k

hallelujah... preach it brother

no transfer of wealth for youuuuu~~

Honeypotted !

Fuck off plebbit

nigger,the only way humans can break free is if we can get off the planet. Imagine getting of the planet your on. You could just hop in your spaceship and go somewhere else

Good GOY, ban my crypto, ban it.

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Venezuelan oilcoin is digital fiat shit.
Fuck em.

Everyone supporting trump it's fucking retarded, what Petro is it's not only some shitcoin that was created by people who don't really understands crypto, but having a whole country supporting the payment with crypto currencies and injecting more money to the market.

We were going to have our own country to experiment with anarcho capitalism and the stupid cheeto it's just creating more ways to please the jews.

>injecting more money to the market
i havent read the whitepaper, but what prevents them from inflating it massively and just print Petro out of nowhere?
How do new petro enter the system? Are there mining rewards? cant they just print them Tether-style and ((""guarantee"")) to have oil reserves to back it up? How do you turn your Petro back into Oil / Dollars? I have a lot of very important questions about Petro that I shouldnt have, even as an uninformed bystander, it just looks wonky and doomed to fail to me

"The situation in America"
That's the title of the order he signed.

Bitcoin is next.
Unless South America can be referred to as 'America'.
You think?
Get those sell orders lined up bois, just in case.

Venezuela did it completely wrong, what they should have done:

>convert oil into energy which is used to mine bitcoins on a huuuge scale

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>drumpf thinks he can regulate cryptos



yes goy, we won't allow you to make money however you want. Trump is a retard, utter Jew.

Last year called and wants its memes back

As far as Im concerned Trump can ban burgers from whatever he wants its the burgers business. However we are not all burgers.No non burger would give two monkeys he cant tell me not to buy petro if i want its none of his business

And burgers should just buy it anyway and tell him to go fuck himself, that dotard can’t stop us from buying crypto

damn, I guess being a burger wasn't suffering enough already

It dumped literally the same minute the (((bloomberg))) news hit.

Exactly, best president ever

>IRS catches a petro transaction in your exchange records

>good goys buy only what government allows
>it's for their own good

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