He doesn't have his private key backed up at least 12 times in form of encrypted high-redundancy paper QR-codes

>he doesn't have his private key backed up at least 12 times in form of encrypted high-redundancy paper QR-codes

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>he doesn’t just write down his private key occasionally

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>he doesn’t have his private key tattooed on his left ass cheek

>he doesn’t realize when crypto goes to 0, the only keys he’ll care about is for moms car

>he know his private key, trezor pin code, and 12 back up phrases by heart

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>he hasn't legally changed his middle name to his private key

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>He hasn't tattooed his 12 word seed on himself

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>his seed isn't the 14 words which are tattooed on himself

>he hasnt had his seed implanted on the inside of his eyelids

>he don't pay professional painters to make abstract art which resembles the 12 word seed

>he doesn’t change his pk regularly
>he creates >2 locations or mediums in which his pk exists

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>store my key in an unprotected word file on my desktop

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i do this too, but unironically and on my moms desktop running win XP and bloatware with dancing penguins on the screen

Side note
Why the fuck do they always install toolbars

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>he doesnt store all his coins on an exchange

>He doesn't have 12 journal entries with one seed word in each one.

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>He doesn't use stenography to hide his keys inside chain link memes making them impossible to find.

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>He doesn't own a combination safe with a paper key inside, and keep the combination to the safe on a post it note on his favourite book, hidden cunningly in his huge secret library, which is built into a spiral wine cellar under his home.

>not having 12 fully written dream journals with one word hidden amongst cryptic puzzles in each journal that you thought up while lucid dreaming

>He didn't create a cute personal phone app game where you try to touch the dogs nose as many time in a row without getting licked with the seed words located in the repository.