You seriously thought this was the reversal didn't you

You seriously thought this was the reversal didn't you.
*breaths in*

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Bulls never learn.
They just buy.

yeah why stick to 50% of the possible movements? do i need to come here everyday that trading is a game of probabilities? otherwise you are just using hope. just short when its bear and long when its bullish
it isnt that hard

Looks more like some bots selling because they saw ban + cryptocurrency.

Yeah and they were buying earlier because the HTC Vive Pro preorders started


a ban on some shit erc20 token shouldn't tank the price

it's just as good of an excuse to tank the price 20% down as the g20 "news" was to bounce the price 20%

this market is being manipulated heavily at the moment and you suckers are buying into these whales' stash like the good little marks that you are

You're a moron. Learn some basic TA so you at least have a chance in life

>muh meme lines

TA is fraud to manipulate gullible sheep like you.

lmao. fuck off, brainlet.
If you can't tell that this is because of the trump news, then unironically kys.

the people posting these threads dont even trade. they just like to pretend they were right while doing nothing

I'm making a special brainlet wojak just for you, brb.

Nevermind I'll jack off instead.

Fucking based

good shit user

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>buying version 1.5 shit

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Trump just defecated on the whole market, and you'd think this would give TA cultists some idea of the kind of things that actually drive the price, as opposed to voodoo lines. But no, they're too stupid to put cause and immediate consequence together. Hell, they probably don't even pay attention to the news and are now scrambling to retrospectively rationalize this drop with some retarded TA omens.

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>Trump just defecated on the whole market
Oh? Going to explain?

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>MUH Trump
You guys can’t help yourself? Face it, she lost.

Hmmmmm..... shhhppph shshhhpp hshshppph

This is now a current year thread. Drumpf drumpf drumpf drumpf

So what if the communist bitch lost to the fascist senile jerk? Are you happy with him telling you what you can and can't invest in, at gunpoint? When are you statist retards going to stop licking these leeches' boots?

Haha how much $ did you lose little guy?

I hodl, so only what BTC lost in value.

This. Two parties so there is always someone else to blame but never any real choice.

>pump it, paint a bull flag, and drop off the volume

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